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An eye cream so effective it has even won an award

contorno de ojos eye cream

It is all about the eyes and never more so during the mask-wearing pandemic era. Some beauty trends come and go in the blink of an eye, yet others cement themselves into our way of life. With industry experts currently touting our new normal adapted lifestyles as the driving force behind market predictions, it is safe to say that our need for a good eye cream is here to stay.

With more and more video calls filling up our diaries, we have become increasingly focused on the image of ourselves we see reflected back at us. Also known as the Zoom-effect, it has caused demand for products for treating tired-looking eyes, dark circles and under-eye bags to skyrocket. What’s more, in today’s fast-paced digital world consumers are constantly pushing for ever more efficient, intelligent skincare that provides immediate results.

Rapid Eye Treatment, the eye cream you have been searching for

Rapid Eye Treatment is one of Twelve Beauty’s undisputed best-sellers, and its name says it all: Rapid, as its effects can be seen from first use. This all-encompassing eye cream has been specially formulated to treat the undereye area and is incredibly light, ultra-hydrating and absorbs quickly. It is a firm favourite for all.

“I was determined to formulate a product that would not unnaturally cover, strain or irritate the skin in an attempt to make it look better. I wanted to support the delicate eye area so that it naturally functions more healthily,” says Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist and creator of Twelve Beauty. “The unusual texture of this treatment is down to the natural peptides it contains that, together with antioxidants, help preserve the skin around the eyes.”

Indeed, this unique formula was the Beauty Shortlist Awards winner for Best Eye Treatment 2021. These prestigious awards for natural and professional cosmetics were created by beauty journalist and natural, eco-lifestyle advocate, Fiona Klonarides. As independent beauty awards, they are recognised worldwide for their ethical approach, impartial view and transparency. Very much in line with Twelve Beauty’s own philosophy.

Rapid Eye Treatment Cream Contorno de ojos

A multitasking formula

What makes Rapid Eye Treatment such an innovative product is its mix of botanical extracts, plant-based peptides and natural antioxidants that reduces puffiness, strengthens skin capillaries and calms redness. (Twelve Beauty Tip: Apply to any area of irritated skin to soothe redness).

Furthermore, it contains four of the botanical extracts most revered by Pedro Catalá as a formulator: Imperatoria (accelerates healing); Buddleja/Butterfly Bush (protects against UV damage); Mallow (soothes, hydrates and calms irritation); and Artemisia/White Genepi (a potent antioxidant).

Other powerhouse key actives present in this wonder-formula is Ceratonia siliqua or locust bean/carob gum, obtained from the seeds of the carob tree. This ingredient is very rich in bio-sugars that, together with hydrolysed wheat protein, forms a viscoelastic film on the skin to minimise the appearance of fine lines. In addition, hydrolysed rice protein protects our skin’s collagen fibres and soy glycine protein improves elasticity and flexibility, as well as nourishing, stimulating and regenerating our epidermal cells.

Last but not least, Rapid Eye Treatment also contains superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme responsible for healthy skin. As one of the most powerful, natural antioxidants known to man, this enzyme helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells.

All in all, this heroic botanical blend not only drains, soothes, firms and brightens, but it also protects both the collagen and elastin matrix in our skin, improving overall skin health and appearance of the area around our eyes.


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