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Christmas countdown: how to achieve radiant glowing in time for Christmas

The run up to the festive season can be chaotic with braving the crowds for shopping, Christmas parties and work deadlines. The lack of sleep, increased tension and fluctuations of temperature (normal during the cold season) can lead to a dull complexion.

This is the time of the year when we need to step up our beauty routine. It is all about keeping moisturised and being consistent. No matter how tired or busy we are, we must find those five minutes in the morning and evening to reward our skin with our favourite all natural and organic products. Keeping faithful to this skincare philosophy: the healthier we keep the condition of our skin, the better it will look.

Here is how you can you keep your skin merry and bright during this busy and cold period:

  1. Refresh your face after cleansing with a non-alcoholic toner, floral water or elixir to maintain a healthy skin’s pH.
  2. Use a serum underneath your moisturiser in the morning and also at night as a hydration booster for added glow and nourishment.
  3. Exfoliate your face three to four days before a big event, always using a mild product. Don’t treat your skin like a pavement! It is essential to keep the hydrolipidic protective film on our skin intact.
  4. Apply a more generous quantity of moisturiser to allow you to massage the skin until the cream is absorbed. It helps to activate the microcirculation of the superficial blood vessels and decongest the skin.
  5. Extend the area where you normally apply the eye cream from just beyond the eyebrows to the middle of the cheeks. Eye creams are full of antioxidants and some contain great plant based peptides to avoid the degradation of collagen and elastin.
  6. Use your night cream twice to three times a week as a regenerating mask by applying a thicker layer than usual.

Some people also ask me what the best product is and I always say it’s the one they are currently using, as long as it:

  • Suits their skin
  • They can afford to continue buying it
  • Are consistent in using it

So make the most of this festive season…give, share and moisturise!

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