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Hyaluroil Lip Treatment

Hyaluroil Lip Treatment

We answer your most frequently asked questions about this intensive therapy for dehydrated lips.

I am a big fan of lip oils and lip serums but this one feels completely different.

Yes, this one is not runny! The viscosity is obtained by the unique blending technique – This is why I do not use any mechanical blenders and prepare every single batch by hand. You need to stir softly to mix the ingredients but if you stir it too much, you lose the grade of viscosity which makes this product so effective.

Hyaluronic acid is soluble in water; how do you mix it with an oil?

It is encapsulated with lecithin, which comes from plant tissue. Lecithin has the ability to attract both water and oil so these tiny spheres of hyaluronic acid are able to deliver constant hydration to this often neglected part of our bodies.

I have to reapply my other lip balms constantly. But with this, I only need it twice a day! 
It is all about the doses you use and the purity grade of the ingredients. For instance, huge doses of cupuacu butter will bring comfort to the lips but that is not the same thing as providing them with sustained moisture. Lips are different from the rest of the skin. The lips do not have protective oils, hairs or sweat glands which keep the skin smooth and regulate warmth. This is why if we neglect them, they can dry out quicker and become chapped more frequently.

My friends and I are obsessed with it. Best lip balm ever. Is it your bestseller?

It is not, but the idea behind Twelve was to create unique products that bring amazing benefits to the skin – Without any marketing or finance department dictating on trends or bottom lines. Some of my formulator colleagues think I’m crazy using the amount of active molecules that I use in every product, but I would not know how to do it otherwise! My mission is to keep skin healthier for longer and for this, you need to be generous and care about what you create.

My lips get chapped very easily and nothing seems to work. Will this work for me?

I suggest you to try it before committing to buying a full size product (even though the full size lasts ages!). Every one of our stockists have testers in-store where you can try it for yourself. From the first application you should notice more softness and comfort. I always recommend using it four times a day during the first 48 hours and after that, only when required.

Is it unisex?

Yes, like the entire range. I formulate my products to be as inclusive as possible.

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