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Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil

Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil

Let’s have a look at why the Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil is so versatile and why you should always keep it to hand…

Also known as ‘the ultimate skin problem solver’, our complexion boosting Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil is capable of treating a variety of skin problems. Suitable for all skin types and proven to provide visible results in just 7 days, this unique lightweight facial oil based on nature’s best-kept secret: Unsaponifiable oils. This special fraction of the purest and most expensive plant oils is naturally brimming with active ingredients, which have been hand-blended to preserve their potency and integrity. Hugely soothing, deeply hydrating and proven to repair the skin’s barrier function, this regenerating oil helps to restructure the epidermis – Boosting radiance, deeply hydrating and restoring youthful vitality and healthy suppleness.

But did you know that it is also available in a handy 10ml format? Now it’s even easier for you to keep your skin in tip-top condition…

One oil fits all …

Can I use a facial oil if I have combination / oily skin? Yes! The Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil provides combination and oily skin types with key lipids necessary for regulating excess sebum production.

But I have dry skin and need a lot of hydration! This oil is readily bioavailable and easily absorbed for optimal efficacy (Hello, nourished skin!). It provides key lipids to dry skin (a deficiency typical of this skin type).

Is it suitable for sensitive skin? Yes! Its powerful mixture of unsaponifiable oils hand-blended with hyaluronic acid, skin-softening pollen and antioxidant vitamin E, improves the skin’s barrier function (amongst other things), making this oil a must-have for all compromised skin conditions (including those with rosacea).

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