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Why Nutritive Repair Emulsion is the ultimate after-sun treatment

Nutritive Repair Emulsion after sun

Whilst the best “cure” for sunburn is to have avoided damaging your skin in the first place, applying after-sun can work wonders to cool down and soothe hot, angry skin. So, if you’ve been slacking on the sunscreen and you’re looking more lobster-like than bronzed goddess right now, look no further than your bottle of Nutritive Repair Emulsion for the ultimate after-sun treatment.

It’s no secret that the Nutritive Repair Emulsion is one of my favourite products from the range, as I always formulate with sensitive, reactive skin in mind and this ultra-soothing cream never fails to deliver comfort to stressed out skin.

The hot summer months can be quite a challenge for our skin, with the onslaught of harmful UV rays, the increased TEWL due to high temperatures plus all the impurities from the sea, pools and lakes. However, to remedy, repair and protect your skin from all these potential skin-stressors you may want to slather yourself head-to-toe with the Nutritive Repair Emulsion as an after-sun treatment. That’s right, your favourite Twelve Beauty face cream will work wonders for your body too and here are the reasons why:

It contains…

High content of natural vitamin E: The most skin-friendly of all the vitamins. It is highly restorative.

Right dose of linoleic acid: Essential to repair your sun damaged skin barrier. A stronger barrier means the skin is less vulnerable to external factors.

Sustainable ingredients to soothe irritated skin: The star ingredient in this wonder formula is Spent Grain Wax, known for its major calming abilities.

Buddleja – Aka sun damage fixer: Studies show that this plant extract helps repair skin cells damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Elasticity booster: Purest shea butter greatly improves much needed elasticity.

Polyphenols to the rescue: Cupuacu butter, apart from being super hydrating, is packed with powerful polyphenols which are the strongest antioxidants around.

Rich formula but easily absorbed: I use highly skin-compatible ingredients that seemingly melt into the epidermis as soon as you apply the cream.

And it is not only me who’s loving it…

“An extra boost of hydration with this moisturiser, I use it for the night time. Not in the slightest bit heavy but so, so nourishing.” – Denis

“With this moisturiser my skin no longer feels dry. I could see results after just one week of using it: smoother texture, refined pores and less fine lines. One of the main benefits of the brand is Pedro’s commitment to share his knowledge with his clients … He guides us and takes the time to teach us about both our skin and the benefits of each of the ingredients he uses in his products.” Ngiankarlo

“Light weight but very moisturising. My skin is so soft. I have 3 Twelve Beauty products and can’t wait to buy more. I’ve finally found a brand that I will repurchase.” – Dawn L

Sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit and Nutritive…That’s your summer covered!

The ultimate after-sun treatment

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