12 Facts About Squalane

facts about squalane

Although squalane has been around for a while, it’s only relatively recently that it’s taken the beauty world by storm. We check out 12 interesting facts about this wonder ingredient.

My fascination with squalane started early-on in my student days. I remember my University professor discussing it in class and demonstrating just how compatible it is with our skin, as it’s one of the most important components of human sebum. It’s no wonder I fell for this ingredient quickly and decided to include it in the 12 key natural ingredients that make up the Twelve Beauty range. After reviewing its properties recently, I stumbled upon a few interesting (and some less well-known) facts about this ingredient that I just had to share. I hope you find them as riveting as I do:

1# Abundant in the natural world, it was originally discovered in large quantities in shark livers. Its name comes from “squalus”, meaning shark in Latin.

2# At Twelve Beauty we use 100% plant-based squalane (extracted from olive oil), however peanut and wheat germ oil are also great sources, together with shea butter.

3# It’s well known for reducing water evaporation from the skin.

4# Squalane has proven particularly effective at protecting skin against harsh detergents, microorganisms and even UV rays.

5# It’s often hailed as an age delaying ingredient, as it prevents skin from drying out. Dry skin is a precursor to fine lines and wrinkles.

6# You might see it listed on your favourite beauty product also as “squalene” (which is a version less prone to oxidation).

7# One of the best plant-based oils for penetrating the upper layers of the skin and reenforcing the activity of other key molecules included in the formula.

8# Works wonders on acne prone skin thanks to its antioxidant capabilities.

9# It’s also a very useful ingredient to add to your skincare routine if you are prone to hyperpigmentation.

10# As we get older our skin produces less squalane, making this ingredient a must-have to keep your natural moisture barrier healthy.

11# You can use it at any age.

12# Most formulas and studies focus on the use of squalane for just the skin, however it’s also great for your hair too.



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