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A natural remedy for blackheads

remedy for blackheads

Blackheads are a fairly common concern, especially in areas of the skin that are richer in sebaceous glands such as the nose, cheeks, or back. Once formed, they can remain for long periods of time; disappear; or degenerate into inflammatory processes of bacterial origin. So, it’s no wonder that in some cases blackheads are considered a precursor to acne. In this post I want to share with you a natural remedy for blackheads.

What are the main causes of blackheads in adults?

There are three main situations that result in blackheads:

  1. Hormonal imbalances, which can stimulate the production of dihydrotestosterone. As a result, skin appears oilier and the pores get blocked by the accumulation of sebum.
  2. Highly viscous sebum quality. Oily skin sufferers are big fans of oil free products, but this is actually not what those skin types should be using. By adding oils rich in linoleic acid to a skincare routine — sunflower oil for example — one can balance sebum production, decreasing its viscosity so it has fewer chances to create those hard deposits inside the pores.
  3. Lack of regular skin cleansing. This becomes problematic especially when makeup is not removed effectively.

How to treat blackheads?

First and foremost, DON’T SQUEEZE THEM. Although you may want to, this is certainly not the best remedy for blackheads, as it could lead to scarring or infections.

As for what works: I cannot recommend the Clementine Cleansing Balm enough for this situation. It’s a fantastic product for getting rid of blackheads and for those looking for a deep pore cleanse. The oils it contains have the ability to penetrate the pores more effectively and dissolve all the residue inside (dead cells, dirt, pollution, oxidised sebum, spf or other skincare products).

I recommend leaving the Clementine Cleansing Balm on your skin for ten minutes as a hydrating mask, then dampen the Softest Muslin Cloth with lukewarm water and remove it completely. If double cleansing is your thing, make this the first step in your routine. Another thing I love about this product is the glow it leaves behind!


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