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A new take on skincare

a new take on natural skincare

Last night, I was reviewing one of the new formulas that will see the light this year and it suddenly hit me how much I love pushing natural skincare to create unique products for your skin to revel in.

I always like to talk about niche beauty, in fact I formulate for people who take skincare seriously and understand the rationale behind each ingredient I choose. No chemistry knowledge is needed to be a user, but I see something that we all have in common: An inner scientist curious to learn more. So perhaps this eagerness to master skincare science is what has led us to create a community that believes, like me, that “Natural Product Formulation is a Science, Not an Experiment”

These are the five golden rules I have in mind when I formulate:

  • Safety first: Understanding dosage limits, potential interactions with other ingredients and the stability of the formula over a period of time, without signs of going bad is paramount.
  • If you cater for a more discerning clientele, leave your comfort zone and search for powerful, lesser known ingredients that are backed up by science and come from reputable sources.
  • No rush on launching a new product. Taking time to formulate correctly might be seen as losing business opportunities, but it takes months if not years for a formula reach perfection. You want to launch a skincare product that is safe yet effective.
  • Small batches work better. And when I say small, I refer to even 50 units a month, like in the case of The London Mask. Over the years, I’ve tried to increase the production in order to keep with demand, or to take new retail partners on board, and Failed (with capital F) in every single attempt I made. The quality control you can have with small batches is unparalleled. In my experience, the texture, appearance and stability I achieve with small batches beats anything I make in larger quantities.
  • Never compromise on quality. Always be generous with the dosage. It is not about making a long list of ingredients, is about choosing what works for the formula and adding as much love as you can.


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