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5 ways to boost your skin moisture levels this winter

boost skin moisture winter

If the recent adverse weather conditions have left your complexion looking dull and oh-so dry, read on to discover how to boost your skin moisture levels this winter.

You might have heard that switching to a richer moisturiser (one containing a higher quantity of oils) is what your skin needs to survive the colder months. However, as this season your skin has to deal with many other external influences that can have a negative impact on it, in most cases it will take more than just changing your cream to survive the chill with a glow. Here are my top 5 recommendations to boost your skin moisture levels this winter:

Cleanser overhaul

Non-foam cleansers should be your go-to products, as surfactant-containing formulas might affect your hydro-lipidic film, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin. The main priority is to keep this protective layer as strong as possible. If it becomes compromised, it can lead to increased water loss and, consequently, dry itchy skin. Also, use lukewarm water to rinse off your cleanser as hot water also increases the chances of trans-epidermal water loss.

Antioxidant serum? Yes, please!

Not just for layering underneath your SPF in summer! An antioxidant serum can also protect your collagen deposits by delaying its degradation and blocking free radical damage in winter too.

Feeling tired in the evening? 

Although we’d all like to make an extra effort with our routines every day, sometimes life just gets in the way. A little shortcut for those evenings when you’re just too tired to do much is to add a soothing yet nourishing face oil to your routine such as rice bran, avocado or unsaponifiable oils.

Read your moisturiser’s label

A thick cream is not necessarily the answer to bouncy-elastic, healthy skin. Look for ingredients such as humectants, sugars and hyaluronic acid as they are great ones for helping your skin to retain water.

Less exfoliation

You might have read that exfoliation is a must so that active ingredients penetrate your skin better. While I don’t condemn exfoliation, I believe less is more as winter is the time when you need to keep your skin’s protective layer as intact as possible. Remember that mature skin cells work as a barrier against external aggressions before you decide whether to buff away, or not.


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