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10 tips to keep dark spots at bay

Also known as age spots, sun spots or hyperpigmentation, dark spots can occur anywhere on your skin. Although this skin discolouration tends to be associated with the ageing process, this is not always the case as there are many other factors which can trigger it, such as genetics, hormones, certain medications, skin irritants and certain illnesses. In this post we recap some of our go-to tips to help prevent and treat dark spots, ensuring your skin is as radiant as possible.

1 – Use sunscreen or a SPF moisturiser all year round. Our skin is subjected to ultraviolet radiation throughout the year and not just in Summer.

2 – Liquorice extract is one of my favourite traditional remedies for dark spots as it contains glycyrrhetic acid. What’s more, its long-term effects have been studied for decades.

3 – Chamomile extract is another natural remedy to keep in mind as it can slow down the sun spot formation process. It’s not just for soothing sensitive skin!

4 – Improving the skin’s protective barrier helps it keep it strong and therefore not as prone to hyperpigmentation. As a result, skin is also better able to withstand any type of dermatological treatment.

5 – Buddleja leaves contain different antioxidants known to prevent and repair skin cell damage caused by sun exposure.

6 – Use skincare products with soothing active ingredients, as inflammation is one of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation.

7 – Do not scratch or pick any pimples, cuts or mosquito bites, as this can cause scarring and the skin to mark.

8 – Use a cleanser or mask containing activated charcoal and / or clay. They are a natural, delicate yet effective alternative to exfoliation.

9 – Botanical remedies formulated to reduce the intensity of dark spots do work, but you have to be patient and constant in their use as it takes approximately 12 weeks for your skin to completely renewal itself and start showing results.

10 – Homemade skincare products can actually make dark spots worse, as can laser treatments where the lamps haven’t been replaced. Always put yourself in the hands of trusted professionals.

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