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Do you really need to exfoliate?

Ever wondered why I do not have a face scrub or peeling in the collection?. Here are few reasons why I believe exfoliation is not necessary.

The “cemetery” of cells is necessary.

The dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin act as a barrier and offer protection. By exfoliating the skin, it is unprotected and is more vulnerable to external factors, such as weather or even possible infections.


It is irritating.

The burning sensation, redness and irritation disappears easily, but it can not be denied that the most aggressive peels are uncomfortable for the skin.


Don’t be fooled by the quick fix.

I understand the appeal of exfoliation, since the skin appears immediately brighter, but the health cost for the epidermis is too high and a clean, hydrated, elastic skin with a healthy pH shows the same appearance,


It goes against nature.

The skin exfoliates naturally every 28 days, when the most mature cells are detached. It would not be necessary, in most cases, to accelerate this process.


A good cleansing routine is enough.

Cleansing itself is a mechanical process that involves friction for the skin and represents an aggression in itself. The choice of the right cleansing product is essential. A quick clean in the morning and a :deeper” one at night is the only key to keep the skin clean. The formulas most compatible with the delicate composition of the skin are the traditional cleansing milk or creams, that can be rinsed off with lukewarm water and do not foam – free of surfactants-.


Exfoliation can be easily replaced.

For those of us who live in cities with higher levels of pollution than what is desirable or for those who want a deeper cleaning, one or two times a week they can apply a clay mask with purifying and slightly exfoliating action.


The exception proves the rule.

There are skin types with many impurities or with keratosis pilaris that can benefit from a slight chemical exfoliation.


You can make micro cuts on the skin.

Regarding the physical exfoliations I advise against them even more, since in addition to the irritation that they can cause, the micro particles (even those that are of natural origin) create microscopic cuts on the outer layers of the epidermis leaving it more vulnerable.


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