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Dreaming of a green Christmas…

Green Christmas

The best gift you can give this holiday season? Sustainability. And what better way to do so than by choosing eco-friendly presents for loved ones. With these curated clean beauty products that respect both your skin and Mother Earth, going green for Christmas has never been easier.

As one of the pioneering brands of the clean beauty world, Twelve Beauty is a well-known champion of sustainable skincare. Their active ingredients are chosen based on their low environmental impact (low carbon footprint, up-cycled, locally produced etc). They also avoid formulating with rare or endangered plants, opting instead to use nitrophilic species, such as mallow, which grow quickly on very little water.

This is just a small part of the brand’s sustainability policy, which is reflected in all that they do, from their impeccable formulas to their eco-friendly shipping practices. Making it easier for you to have a very merry, green Christmas. Here are some of their top gift ideas for the eco-minded shopper:

Recycled aluminium packaging & up-cycling ingredients: The perfect duo

And this perfect duo is called The Body Edit, one of their most anticipated gift set launches. An exceptional body care pack that brings together two of the brand’s latest products and two of the hottest sustainability trends: ‘zero-waste’ (or zero plastic) and ‘up-cycling’, by using highly skin-beneficial by-products derived from the food industry.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes. And these nutrient-rich by-products deserve a second chance. For example, spent grain wax (present in Jojoba Quench Body Serum) is a waste residue generated by malt in the beer industry. Yet it is very rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, known to improve skin barrier function and soothe sensitive skin.

The push to reduce the use of plastics in the beauty industry is an ongoing challenge. Although the brand mainly uses Miron glass to house its formulas, Twelve Beauty chose 100% post-consumer recycled, skin-safe aluminium to package both Antioxidant Burst Shower Gel and Jojoba Quench Body Serum, which make up The Body Edit gift set.

The Body Edit Gift Set Twelve Beauty

Surfactant-free – Good for your skin, good for the planet

Surfactants (detergents), those familiar substances found in most personal hygiene and cleaning products, have become known as ‘the bad guys’ in skincare. Not only because they can irritate and alter the pH of the skin, but because despite some being biodegradable, they can still be very harmful to the environment and the human body due to their bioaccumulation and permanence.

Those eco-conscious beauty lovers who would prefer to avoid these controversial substances have a great gift option in Dara’s Water. Considered one of the most sustainable (non-micellar) cleansing waters on the market, not only for its effectiveness (it removes all traces of makeup and pollution) and its skin-kind formulation but also for its eco-responsible, surfactant-free formula.

In this particular product, the amount of water has also been reduced, replaced with organic extracts of Rose Damascena and oats, both distilled exclusively for Twelve Beauty. A fine example of fresh, small-batch skincare for the most demanding beauty connoisseur.

Eco-friendly creams, a very green Christmas gift

Being eco-friendly is not about choosing natural ingredients but opting for those sustainably produced. As Twelve Beauty founder, Pedro Catalá, explains “One of the reasons why I adore Nutritive Repair Emulsion is because many of its key ingredients are among the most sustainable found on the planet”.

This emulsion’s rich formula contains not only the afore-mentioned spent grain wax but also argan oil, shea butter and cupuaçú butter. All are highly sustainable ingredients that are also a delight for dry skin in colder climes. Together, their unparalleled combination of unsaturated fatty acids and phytosterols provides nutritional support to the skin barrier, allowing it to heal itself and, over time, become less sensitive and retain more moisture.

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