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Effects of Stress On Skin

Effects of Stress On Skin

Most of us know that stress plays a big part in our overall health, both physical and mental. However, as common as it is, most of us don’t really consider the effects of stress on our skin. Unfortunately, stress in all its forms can cause detrimental physiological and functional consequences to your looks that you really won’t like…


There are several external factors that can affect and weaken the delicate structure of our skin, such as those of a climatic, mechanical or chemical nature (sun, pollution, blue light from screens, sudden changes in temperature or excessively aggressive or exfoliating skincare products). On the other hand, hormone imbalances, illness, poor diet, lack of sleep, certain medications and psychological stress can also wreak havoc on our epidermis.


It’s not just in your head, signs of stress can show up on your hair, skin and nails. Stress can aggravate existing skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis and even lead to new skin problems appearing. Why? Because stress triggers inflammation due to our bodies acting in self-defense and producing cortisol. High levels of this hormone weaken our immune system, which in turn impacts on our skin at different levels.


DRY SKIN – Excess cortisol caused by stress affects the functional of our skin barrier, increasing transepidermal water loss and significantly reducing its ability to retain water.

REDNESS AND IRRITATION – Stress is responsible for skin becoming more reactive and redder due to our bodies releasing more histamine (the hormone responsible for irritation). Serious or prolonged periods of stress can even cause the appearance of rosacea or eczema. And if you happen to already suffer from either of these conditions, feeling stressed out only makes them worse.

ADULT ACNE – Stress can cause the onset of adult acne by creating an imbalance between good and bad bacteria, usually affecting the areas around the mouth and chin.

NO GLOW – If your skin looks uneven and dull, it may be due to the effects of stress on your skin. Again, cortisol is to blame. In this case, it makes our skin cells renew much slower, giving way to a more sallow, dull complexion.

MORE WRINKLES – Stress and worry can also take their toll on our faces in the form of lines and wrinkles. Stress coupled with excessive frowning, stiff facial muscles and gravity, is a sure recipe for premature aging!

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