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Essential Bio Technological Moisturiser

Essential Bio Technological Moisturiser

We answer your most frequently asked questions about this antioxidant rich moisturising cream…

Is it vegan?

Yes, like the entire TWELVE beauty range.

What is the difference between the Ideal Moisture Level Serum and the Essential Bio-technological Moisturiser?
The serum is a water based formula consisting of hyaluronic acid, hydrating molecules and a mixture of antioxidants. On the other hand, the Essential Bio-technological Moisturiser is a moisturising cream containing both water and valuable oils. It offers incredible moisture and daily protection.

What is the purpose of the sunflower unsaponifiable oil in this product?

Dry skin is characterised by a lack of key lipids in the skin – This high beneficial fraction of sunflower oil, which is also the most expensive, is effective and full of vital natural goodness. It gives back essential lipids to the skin which, in turn help to reinforce the skin’s barrier.

I thought that rich creams were for older skins only?
I am not a big fan of different products or active ingredients for each age range – I think that choices should be made based on our skin needs and goals. All of my formulas are highly compatible with the skin’s natural composition and are designed to keep it healthy, supple, radiant and functioning optimally; this is the secret behind why all manner of different types of skin find that TWELVE collection are the right products for them.

What is the pH of this product?

It is between 4.90 to 5.06 – This is because it is the ideal pH level for enzymes responsible for producing ceramides (essential waxy lipids needed for a healthy skin barrier).

What is Imperatoria extract (English name, Masterwort “The Herb of The Lord”), and why does it have such a grand name?

Traditionally, it was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans and was also very popular in the middle ages. It has multipleincredible properties, but the one I am most interested in is its re-epithelialisation ability (wound healing), which makes for a much stronger and more resilient skin barrier.

Has it got SPF?
It does not – You still need to wear your favourite SPF product on top. It does however contain a high level of antioxidants which improve the skin’s natural ability to protect itself against sun exposure and also help to repair sun damage.

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