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Five Clean Beauty trends to watch out for

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Transparency, simple yet gentle beauty routines and environmentally-friendly products are just some of the key clean beauty trends currently resonating strongly in the skincare world. Trends that have grown exponentially in recent years. Consumers are moving away from acid-soaked peels and masks, opting instead for less aggressive skincare formulas, whose sole purpose is cosseting and protecting your epidermis. Terms such as “renew”, “repair” and “cure” are well and truly in vogue.

Just as Pedro Catalá, expert in botanical formulation and founder of Twelve Beauty, forewarned, “good skin tone is the new wrinkle”, consumers are no longer concerned with remedying the signs of ageing. Instead, most now prefer to optimise their beauty routines with active ingredients that treat their skin kindly, while also learning more about what each ingredient does.

Here are the latest five clean beauty trends all skincare connoisseurs should watch out for this year:

No more skin types

Talking about dry or oily skin seems to have become somewhat outdated. If there is one skin category that is on everyone’s lips in today’s modern world, it is sensitive skin. A problem caused by either skin being sensitised by aggressive beauty routines, or by using inappropriate products.

Dry, oily, combination or normal are categories that have fallen by the wayside in favour of a more global skincare approach that strengthens and maintains skin health. This new approach focuses more on ingredients that do not sensitise, ones that reinforce skin’s barrier function and maintain optimal hydration.

Gender-free or unisex products are also at the forefront of this new trend, with clean beauty brands now focusing more on gentle products that are skin-friendly, multifunctional, fragrance-free and suitable for all. “I always have sensitive skin in mind when I formulate”, admits Pedro Catalá. Something clear to see with each of his products.

Ideal Moisture Level Serum and Rapid Eye Treatment are two of the brand’s most popular products which easily meet today’s consumer standards. Their light, fragrance-free textures seemingly melt into skin, providing it with just what it needs to stay healthy.

In-house, artisanal and small-batch production

Small-batch production has always been one of the key draws of artisanal, independent skincare brands. In-house formulation gives an extra element of control and also an extra marketing angle in comparison to companies that outsource production. What’s more, when formulating with clean ingredients, small-batch in house production is much safer (no cross-contamination). Plus, brands can guarantee product freshness and optimal performance.

All Twelve Beauty products are made in their small studio laboratory based in Ondara (Alicante, Spain). Many of them are even handmade following old apothecary methods, such as The London Mask. Each batch of this clay mask takes three days to prepare and only 50 units are produced. This is one of the reasons why this sought-after product usually has a waiting list of up to 3 months.

Skincare up-cycling, a step beyond sustainability

Giving a new use to by-products. We are, of course, referring to up-cycling or creative recycling. This is one of the latest practices that the most conscious beauty brands are adopting. It is a clean beauty trend that not only boosts sustainability, but also efficiency.

A perfect example is spent grain wax, a by-product generated by malt in breweries. This otherwise unwanted residue is actually very rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid known to repair the skin’s barrier function and also reduce itching, along with other sensitive skin symptoms.

Twelve Beauty has long used this wonderful by-product. You can find it in Jojoba Quench Body Serum for example. This fast-absorbing, fast-acting skincare powerhouse immediately nourishes and repairs skin. Furthermore, its innovative packaging is made of 100% post-consumer recycled aluminium, boosting its sustainability credentials even more.

Spent grain wax is also a key ingredient in Nutritive Repair Emulsion, an excellent moisturiser for those with dry, irritated and sensitive complexions.

Clean beauty trends

De-stressing skin, the ultimate clean beauty trend

Skincare products with soothing qualities, able to remedy irritation caused by high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone), are very popular with today’s beauty consumers. The pandemic has wreaked epidermal havoc on most of us and we are still fighting our way back to healthy, balanced skin.

TWELVE formulas are ultimately designed to protect and restore skin, improving its functionality and health, both inside and out. To restore balance to stressed-out skin, a good option is the cleverly formulated Dara’s Water. This cleansing water instantly soothes skin thanks to its organic oatmeal and rose extracts, which are tailor-made for the brand.

“In my opinion, there is nothing better than Nutritive Repair Emulsion to de-stress skin. Its high essential fatty acid content means it is an effective remedy against inflammation. Many customers describe it as a natural anti-histamine,” reveals Pedro Catalá.

Other active ingredients hailed as instant remedies for stressed-out skin are Niacinamide and Mallow extract. Ultra Revitalising Elixir contains 5% Niacinamide, along with other powerful antioxidants, making this refreshing facial mist a must-have for those who want to counteract free radical damage.

Mallow extract is a wonderful humectant that also has a soothing effect on skin. Its essential oils and tannins play a key role in repairing damaged skin. It is not surprising then, that this ingredient is also one of the main components of Rewarding Body Balm, the product which launched Twelve Beauty and the one which made the brand into what it is today.

All about the eyes

If there is one sector of the beauty industry that has seen a boom in sales in recent years, it is the eye care category. And it shows no signs of slowing down. Ever-evolving consumer habits and PPE regulations have put our eye area firmly in the spotlight. The result? Powerful formulas that provide unique – and fast – results for this area of our face are in high demand.

If you are looking for a high-performance, award-winning product to restore your eye contour health, look no further than Rapid Eye Treatment. This unique formula harnesses the regenerative properties of floral extracts and plant peptides to instantly smooth and firm skin. Puffiness and dark circles are reduced, and signs of tiredness mitigated. No wonder it is one of the brand’s best sellers year after year.

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