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Happy Birthday to our skin consultation service!

Did you know that our free online skin consultation service is now one year old? Read on to discover how we chose to mark the special occasion …

One of the main reasons why I decided to launch my own skincare collection was the desire to dispel the myth that natural skincare doesn’t work. I wanted to create effective green products using the very best botanical ingredients available and, if I’m honest, developing skincare products independently is the best thing that can happen to a formulator! Being completely free to develop the products how you see fit, putting into practice all the knowledge acquired after years of study and all without having a Marketing department dictating what trends to follow, what ingredients to use or cost/profit margins is truly liberating, inspiring and some of the main factors driving me forward.

That being said, there’s another reason that almost surpasses those previously mentioned, and that is my desire to share what I have had the privilege to learn from some of the best professionals in the industry. This is why, once Rebecca joined the team, I asked her to help me make the Twelve Beauty online skin consultation service a reality.  We’ve now been offering this free service for 365 days (and counting!) and to honour this special milestone, I decided to launch new skincare packs containing products we recommend daily for the most common skin concerns. These packs enable you to not only save time but also money!

Education and the sharing of knowledge are two of the brands main philosophies: Training our stockists, live events with clients, teaching at higher education facilities, magazine features, etc. Through giving personalised advice on the products that, in our opinion, your skin needs, we aim to humanise this ever-increasing virtual world.

Our new skincare packs contain your favourite full-size Twelve products and there are 4 different sets to choose from:

A NEW HORIZON – Purifies and rebalances blemish-prone skin.

THE SOOTHING CHRONICLES – Designed to soothe and repair even the most sensitive and reactive skins.

THE VITALITY BOOSTER – Containing three of our glow-restoring wonder products for radiant skin.

THE MOISTURE MARVEL – Quench dry, dehydrated and / or mature skin in four easy steps.

If you have yet to take advantage of our free skin consultation service, pop on over to the website and simply fill in the questionnaire. Your personalised Twelve Beauty product recommendations based on your skins needs will then be emailed to you within 48h. (All questionnaires we receive over the weekend will be answered on the following Monday morning.)

Click here to get your bespoke routine!


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