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How to fight post-summer rebound acne

post-summer acne efecto rebrote

Although it might seem that acne-prone skin benefits from the summer season, with the sun slowing the proliferation of certain bacteria, such as P. Acnes, and a sun-kissed look hiding those pesky blemishes. The reality is quite the opposite. As the holiday glow fades, breakouts can suddenly come back with a vengeance. Yes, post-summer rebound acne is a thing.

How the sun affects our skin

Overexposure to the sun causes our skin to go into defence mode. In addition to producing more melanin, too much sun is also one of the main culprits behind hyperkeratosis, the thickening of our skin’s outer layer. At the same time, UV rays destroy key lipids, making our skin dry out. Our skin’s response is to produce more sebum – Something it does with overenthusiasm. This excess sebum begins to clog pores and blemishes can appear. See, we told you post-summer rebound acne was real.

Avoiding the rebound effect

Post-summer rebound acne can be prevented or treated by using products formulated specifically for blemish-prone skin. Incorporating ingredients such as Epilobium extract, the star ingredient in Ideal Rebalancing Level Serum, helps to counteract UVB-induced inflammation and helps skin maintain a correct hydrolipidic balance. What’s more, Epilobium extract is also antibacterial and helps regulate sebum production.

Another key step to avoiding post-summer breakouts is following an effective yet skin-friendly cleansing routine. Activated charcoal is one of the go-to ingredients for congested skin. Thanks to its porous structure, it deeply cleanses oily and blemish-prone complexions. Its purifying action and antibacterial properties fight acne and also promote skin oxygenation and cell renewal. Where can you find this face-cleansing hero? In Charcoal Peace Calming Cleanser.

Niacinamide, found in Ultra Revitalising Elixir, is another must-have ingredient for those of us who covet blemish-free skin. This versatile skincare active strengthens barrier function and, at the same time, calms redness and irritation. Furthermore, it also helps correct hyperpigmentation by blocking the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes, preventing the accumulation of melanin on the skin’s surface. It has both a therapeutic and preventive action – Slowing down the formation of new dark spots and fading those already present.

However, the most crucial step to avoiding post-summer rebound acne is being consistent with the daily use of high-factor sunscreen. Artemisia Power Protection Moisturizer SPF50+, in addition to containing Artemisia extract (one of the most powerful natural antioxidants comparable to pure vitamin C, but without its stability problems), is also rich in Buddleja extract. Thanks to containing flavonoids such as luteolin and quercetin, Buddleja helps protect our cellular DNA and repair skin damage caused by harmful UV rays.

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