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Ideal Moisture Level Serum

Ideal Moisture Level Serum

We answer your most frequently asked questions about this hydro-regulative wonder…

The serum has an oil-like consistency, will clog my pores?

Despite its fabulous texture it is actually an oil free product and completely non-comedogenic.

Which type of hyaluronic acid do you use?

I use the largest molecule version on the market so that it does not penetrate the skin, but instead creates a wonderful permeable film that keeps skin protected, supple and moisturised. This viscoelastic film reduces the prematurely ageing effects of TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). Think of it like a super-hydrating skin shield!

Is Saccharide Isomerate a synthetic ingredient?

No, the entire formula is 100% natural with a high dose of organic ingredients. Saccharide Isomerate is a plant based polysaccharide (a type of natural sugar) that works as a water magnet within the skin.

I find it very hydrating. Can I skip my regular moisturiser?

No, for the simple reason that the skin needs both water and oil to thrive. Being an oil-free product you will still need to pair it with a moisturiser or with an oil, to give the skin both elements.

Any tips on how to use it?

I like to wear it underneath my favourite mineral SPF product. By doing so, it enhances the protection because it neutralises the damaging effect of the free radicals that our skin generates during sun exposure.

Can it work as a make-up primer?

Holistic and Sustainable Make up artist Sjaniel, called it an “organic primer” because it smooths the skin surface instantly and the hydration levels of the skin visibly bounce back – Make-up then seems to glide on, and also look fresher for longer.

What benefits does buddleja extract have on the skin?

It helps to protect skin cells and repair cell damage. It is an extremely helpful ingredient if you live in a polluted area or simply want to keep your skin healthier for longer.

How do I mix it with an oil?

It is a very versatile product. You can apply the serum, and then use your oil while the skin is still damp, to seal in the moisture from the serum. You can also mix the two together in the palm of your hand (4-5 drops of serum with 3-4 drops to oil), and then apply straight to clean skin. This is a very clever way of giving the skin a balanced and nutritional dose of beneficial water + oil, that will keep it protected all day and night.

It has a faint smell but I’m not sure what it is…

It is a fragrance-free product with no essential oils or perfumes. The aroma comes from its natural ingredients.

How do I store it?

Keep it on your bathroom shelf ideally at 25 ° C or below. Make sure you properly secure the dropper cap, so that no air can get in. The less it is exposed to air and light, the more effective the formula will remain.

Can I apply it around the eye area?

Yes, you can, but avoid getting any product in your eye as our tear pH is higher than the pH of the serum.

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