Twelve facts about Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is widely used in skincare but despite being so well known,  there are some interesting facts about it that I would like to share with you.

  1. Simmondsia Chinensis Oil is extracted from the seeds of Jojoba, a shrub belonging to the Buxaceae family that grows wild in the desert areas of Arizona, Mexico, California and Egypt. I know  the origin can be misleading with the name “chinensis” which usually refers to “originally from China” but the reality is that some botanists back in the XIX century named it wrongly and it took decades to spot the mistake.
  2. Considering the harsh environment where it grows (temperatures range from + 40°Cto -30 °C), this plant can live up to 200 years.
  3. It lives on sandy or stony soil, very poor and does not need fertilizers, it also requires little water. it adapts to extreme conditions thanks to the very developed and deep roots and the waxy coating of the leaves.
  4. The main fact is that it lacks of glycerine which is a rarety in oils, for this reason, it is a liquid wax, despite being called an oil.It sets solid in cold temperatures. The first study confirming that it was a wax and not an oil was published in 1933.
  5. In commercial skincare you will find it deodorised but I prefer to use the unrefined version as the aroma can be strong, but pleasantly botanical.
  6. It absorbs easily because is very compatible with the skin, similar to the waxes found on human sebum.
  7. It glides over the skin and it feels very smooth. This is because there are so many long fatty acids thatare part of the Jojoba oil that give this effect.
  8. It is highly stable to rancidity . The reason is because is packed with natural antioxidants.
  9. It is better to store it in a tin or dark glass bottles as light affects its stability.
  10. It is not irritating to the skin, it is not comedogenic, nor does it induce skin sensitization reactions. So it can be used on sensitive skin.
  11. This plant was also known to the Aztecs who used it as food and oil, to treat skin diseases and wounds. They called it “Hohowi”.
  12. It is considered a natural SPF booster because of the stability of the molecules to UV rays.

And last but not least, Jojoba oil was one of the first ingredients I wanted to include in my formulas, in fact, I use a high dose in my first ever product, Rewarding Body Balm. Also, I currently use it, in the Rapid Eye Treatment, Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum and the Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil.

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