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Why less is more has become an important approach in skincare?

Green beauty has become such a cool subject and currently there are thousands of self-proclaimed beauty experts together with new green hand blended skincare brands launching everyday.

There are even books with lots of beauty recipes and DIY youth elixirs, which I defend as long as they are a one-off application and are not included in your daily routine.

Understanding better how powerful some natural ingredients are, the industry is moving to products with less ingredients but with better quality.

For those who know me, my mantra is “Natural Product Formulation is a Science. Not an Experiment”

Let’s take for example how adding too many good ingredients can be harmful to the skin:


Natural antioxidants in excess on the skin can become pro-oxidants leading to chemical reactions that can age the skin. Add antioxidants in beauty products is essential to counteract free radical damage but ONLY in the right quantity.


When the skin is  exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, the skin most likely will soften, swell, and become wrinkled, all of which makes the skin more vulnerable to damage from one of the complicating factors mentioned above. The process is also known as maceration of the skin defined as the softening and breaking down of skin due to extended exposure to moisture.
In a smaller scale think about how wrinkly and soft becomes your skin when you stay in the sea  for a long time.

So at this point, an expression from ancient greeks spring to mind “everything in moderation”.

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