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Lip Oil: The new must-have lip treatment

If there is one new health goal that you want to get right this year it is boosting your lip health. Yes, we are talking about that often-overlooked part of our face left to suffer in silence, unloved and unprotected. Sound familiar? Then read on and discover how to kick dry, chapped lips to the curb with the season’s must-have wonder treatment, a lip oil.

Lips are naturally dry as they do not have oils glands. This absence means lips cannot produce any natural moisturising factors, so they often need some extra support. Especially in the case of dry or chapped lips. Correctly moisturised lips will maintain their protective barrier intact.

An award-winning clean beauty lip oil

The much loved Hyaluroil Lip Treatment is not only one of Twelve Beauty’s flagship products, but it also swept the board with a hat trick at the 2021 Beauty Shortlist Awards, winning Best Lip Serum, Best Hydrating Lip Product and Best Beauty Breakthrough no less.

“A cult favourite lip oil that ends dryness once and for all,” Dara, founder of Ayla Beauty, USA

The story behind the creation of this wonder product, began, as it so often does for Dr Pedro Catalá, with a formulation challenge: “Our lips are a very difficult area to treat, mainly due to their lack of natural protective oils, unlike the rest of the skin,” says Pedro. “I saw this as a challenge and set about creating a 100% natural lip treatment rich in vegetable oils. Designed not only to repair but to also protect. The resulting product was so successful that it has become one of our best-sellers, adored by natural beauty lovers around the globe.”

Lip Oil Aceite Labial

The challenge lay in manually encapsulating short-chain hyaluronic acid (shown to stimulate collagen production), making it soluble in the oils chosen for the formula (organic argan and sunflower oils, together with cupuaçú butter). This way, all the active ingredients can penetrate the skin more efficiently to improve lip health.

What’s more, its handy roll-on format is easy to use and pretty addictive, if we’re honest! Handmade in small batches using only eco-approved ingredients, this lip oil is guaranteed to leave lips plumped, supple and deeply moisturised all year long.

Twelve Beauty Tip: Seal in your lip oil with a lip mask or balm at night for super plumped lips in the morning.


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