Niacinamide: Protection against blue light

Niacinamide: Protection against blue light

Think you know all there is to know about the skin benefits of vitamin B3? You might want to think again as recent studies have proved that niacinamide still has the skincare star quality to surprise us, just this time with its ability to provide protection against the effects of blue light.

Whilst many people are well versed in the need to protect their skin from sun damage, a whopping 64% of us are unaware of the impact blue light can have on our complexion. Even more alarming is the fact that blue light can come from various day-to-day sources including solar irradiation, computers, mobiles and other smart devices. It’s no wonder then, that the beauty industry is scrambling to find ingredients able to help with this latest skin concern. (Even more so after the huge rise in screen time bought about by the recent global situation.)

What’s new about niacinamide?

Previous studies show that vitamin B3 is able to rebalance skin pigmentation, refine pores and improve skin resilience, but how can it help in the fight against the effects of blue light? Well, niacinamide is also known to play a key role in protecting and repairing skin from UVA and UVB rays – Something that first signalled out this ingredient as a potential ally against the oxidative stress caused by blue light (rays that penetrate even deeper into our skin). Indeed, breakthrough data collected by researchers investigating these harmful rays clearly shows that niacinamide can not only shield against the damage they do to skin proteins and lipids, but that it can also help repair DNA damage in skin and keratinocytes, proving that this ingredient can truly offer significant protection against the effects blue light. Furthermore, the new research has also shown that this wonder-vitamin helps reverse other tell-tale signs of blue light-stressed skin such as the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and discolouration, and it has the potential to prevent UV-induced immune suppression and can improve skin elasticity too.

Where to find niacinamide in your skincare…

The Twelve Beauty product which is a must-have for any screen junkie is, without a doubt, Ultra Revitalising Elixir. Containing not only 5% niacinamide but also many other powerhouse antioxidants, this refreshing face mist is your go-to product to neutralise the free-radical damage and melanocyte activation caused by blue light. What’s more, its spray format makes boosting your niacinamide protection throughout the day an absolute breeze!


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