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Night time summer facial routine

Night time summer facial routine

Taking proper care of your skin is a must if you want to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion all year around. Last week we discussed how to adapt our beauty regimes to the warmer months and the importance of minimalizing daytime trans epidermal water loss. (See here) Today, however, we are going to delve into your night time summer facial routine and see how you can up your skin care game even while you sleep …

In my opinion, caring correctly for our skin goes beyond just seasonal regime changes. Our skin is crying out to be heard not just throughout the year but also throughout the day too.

During the day our skin cells are on high alert, ready and prepared to defend themselves against any form of aggression (free radicals from the sun, pollution and stress etc). At night, however, various skin repair mechanisms are activated by the body in an attempt to counteract the damage caused.

Moreover, several scientific studies indicate that the most crucial work is done between the hours of 11pm and 4am, as our cutaneous blood flow increases, favouring cell turnover and repair. Meaning that in order to keep our skin in tip top condition and as healthy as possible, it’s essential to get the right amount of shut eye, avoid stress and follow a night time facial routine adapted to your skin’s needs.

Night time skin care essentials

A gentle yet effective cleansing regime is the foundation of healthy skin. After a long hot day at the beach or pool in the sun and plenty of SPF, a thorough and skin friendly cleanse is the first step in restoring your complexion. What’s more, clean skin absorbs follow up products better (serums, creams etc), meaning that your multi-step beauty routine will have more of an effect after a good cleanse!

We recommend our CLEMENTINE CLEANSING BALM – An emollient-rich balm which gently melts away dirt, impurities and environmental pollution, whilst at the same time reducing trans epidermal water loss. If you are a fan of double cleansing, after using Clementine, you can follow up with the PURIFYING CLEANSING BEAUTY CREAM.

So, if we take on board that while we sleep our skin repairs itself and tries to neutralise the trans epidermal water loss suffered during the day, it could be considered a good move to incorporate in your night time summer facial routine a nutrient-rich, highly hydrating night cream. Without a doubt, our NUTRITIVE REPAIR EMULSION is the perfect contender. A real hero product, this rich yet fast absorbing cream repairs and restores skin while you sleep. With a powerful combination of ingredients rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and phytosterols, this cream helps to regenerate and strengthen the epidermal barrier.

Phytosterols or plant sterols are chemical compounds found in plants that help protect our skin against premature aging and the harmful effects of the sun. When applied topically, they promote cell regeneration and as a result skin regains its elasticity. In addition, they also have excellent calming properties, visibly reducing histamine–related symptoms like itching, swelling and redness. The Nutritive Repair Emulsion in my opinion, is like a natural version of a hydrocortisone cream. It has an amazingly positive impact on damaged skin thanks to its high content of phytosterols and Mallow extract. It truly is the answer you are looking for to wake up with a rested, rejuvenated complexion, which for me is the pinnacle of ‘holiday skin’.

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