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Oosouji: New Year’s ‘Big Cleaning’ ritual


It is no secret that Japanese rituals, especially those focused-on order, cleanliness and purification, have been widely adopted by the West. One of the most popular is Oosouji (Ōsōji), which translates to “the big cleaning,” an age-old Japanese tradition celebrated in December which focuses on cleansing both your soul and your spaces before welcoming a fresh new year.

Purification is a concept deeply rooted in various ancient cultures and centres on water being used as a sacred tool to cleanse and remove impurities and negative energies, clearing the path to enlightenment. Whether you are a believer or not, nothing makes us feel better than a good shower, where we wash away not only dirt but also negative emotions and stress after a long day.

The Oosouji ritual is a symbol of clearing out anything negative that no longer serves you so you can start the new year with a clean slate. Although it mainly focuses on cleaning and decluttering your home and workspace, it can also be applied to our physical and energetic selves. Creating order out of chaos can be good for the soul and so too can letting go of unwanted thoughts, habits, emotions and stagnant energies. It is the perfect New Year’s Eve ritual.

Cleansing, the purification rite that is also a delight for the senses

Regardless of how you normally usher in the new year, this time we suggest doing things differently. Inspired by the increasingly popular Oosouji technique, why not treat yourself to a purifying all-over cleansing ritual using some of the most skin-friendly and eco-friendly active ingredients. Not sure where to start? Reach for your Charcoal Peace Calming Cleanser for a deep, professional-grade cleanse. Its name says it all: peace and calm for even the most congested of skins.

With key active ingredients such as kaolin clay and activated plant-based charcoal, this cleanser is the ultimate gentle skin-detoxifier, removing encrusted impurities, while vegetable oils nourish and increase radiance. Immerse yourself in the sensorial act of cleansing as you feel the formula transform from gel to oil to milk.

Antioxidant Burst Shower Gel

Once in the shower, massage the Antioxidant Burst Shower Gel all over your body. Thanks to its powerful antioxidants, natural moisturising agents and pH identical to that of the skin, this body wash cleanses, soothes and restores skin’s healthy glow. Furthermore, its innovative formula also contains mallow flower extract. According to ancient esoteric practitioners, the mallow plant is blessed with the energetic ability to “open paths” and its vibration helps us to go with the flow in our lives. What a great wish for the New Year!

Cinnamon, turmeric and argan, the new emissaries of good fortune

After purifying your skin and senses, there is nothing better than finalising the cleansing process with a good dose of skin nutrition. First is Reverent Antioxidant Dry Body Oil, a quick-dry body elixir that enhances lymphatic drainage and improves circulation. Perfect for revitalising a sluggish body. Containing a nutritional feast of turmeric, cinnamon and ginger essential oils, incorporating this powerhouse formula will get your new year off to a healthy and wholesome start.

Rounding off our Oosouji-esk self-care celebration is Rewarding Body Balm. Boasting a mixture of botanical extracts, squalene and vegetable oils, this high-performing, super regenerating emulsion goes beyond hydrating skin. The act of sealing in all the nutrition, purity and good vibes that have made up each of the previous steps will see you prepared for a happy and prosperous New Year.

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