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Our plant-based squalane cleanser

Our plant-based squalane cleanser

It is no secret that my desert island product is without a shadow of a doubt, the Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream. From the outset I had a very clear idea my mind – To create an effective cleanser that would also minimise the negative impact the act of cleansing has on our skin. I remember my tutor at the time questioning why I would choose to include such a huge dose of plant-based squalane in a product that rinses off. My reasoning was and still is that by using this coveted ingredient in such a high concentration restores our beneficial skin oil levels, which have been compromised during cleansing – Something that our skin is very grateful for! I’m extremely proud of our plant-based squalane cleanser and judging by the feedback we regularly receive, I know that it’s also much loved by the entire #twelvelovers community.

Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream: A quick overview …

Unlike many other skin cleansing products, our plant-based squalane cleanser leaves skin renewed and free from impurities without over drying or causing irritation. Its combination of plant-based oils works in synergy to form an exquisite non-foaming texture able to dissolve sebum, dirt, pollution and makeup. The addition of a coconut oil-derived emulsifier ensures these impurities are removed from the skin when the product is rinsed off with lukewarm water. Furthermore, as this cleanser restores the squalane levels in our skin, it does not alter our skin’s acid mantle, making it the ideal product for a non-aggressive facial cleanse, suitable for daily use both morning and night. In fact, truth be told, I see it as more of a skin “treatment” rather than a simple cleanser. Despite being a cosmetologist with my own skin care range, I love trying other products and supporting different brands, and whilst there are some fabulous products on the market, I personally have yet to find one that leaves my skin like the Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream does.

What you have to say …

An astounding cleanser that cleans without striping, leaves the skin fresh and ready to go. Denyse E –

Works on my son’s problem skin. Nothing else has done what this. It has cleared his breakouts and calmed his skin down. – Denis –

A gentle cleanser that leaves skin hydrated without any residue. I use it after removing the Clementine Balm. ngiankarlo –

So pleased I found Twelve Beauty and this cleanser. My skin improved so much in such a short time. I’ve finally found a brand that I will continue to buy. Great customer service and it’s so lovely how you get free samples too. Dawn L –

Great cleanser. Makes my skin feel younger! Annie 

The perfect “second cleanse” cleanser – super gentle while packing a punch to leave my skin feeling clean and hydrated without that dry, stripping feeling. A must in my routine. Thank you, Dr. Pedro! Olympia T –

Why is squalane a must-have for our skin?

Squalane is a saturated derivative of squalene, sourced in our case from Mediterranean Olive Tree leaves.

Squalene is a skin lipid (a key part of human sebum) whose function is to maintain hydration levels, elasticity and flexibility. As we grow older our natural squalene production reduces, which is why more mature skin usually feels drier. This is where our plant-based squalane comes to the rescue! Because this lightweight lipid has a molecular structure very similar to that of our own skin lipids, it’s easily absorbed, leaves no greasy residue, and helps to protect our skin barrier by retaining hydration. Therefore, using a product that contains squalane in your beauty routine is highly recommended if you want to keep your skin healthier for longer.

We love you!

I and all the Twelve team love hearing your feedback on the products. Reading all your messages not only brightens our day but also helps us to grow as a brand and tailor the products to your needs. So, a huge THANK YOU to everyone for all your love and unconditional support always. You’re simply the best!

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