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Pro-ageing Skincare: Embracing your beauty at every age

The years wrinkle our skin, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles our soul, as the saying goes. The art of ageing well or pro-ageing implies moving away from literally “fighting” against the signs of ageing and more towards seeing our skin as a living organism – A part of us that must be celebrated, cared for and nourished, despite the passage of time and the traces it leaves etched behind.

As a brand, we have never used the term “anti-ageing”. If you have followed us from the beginning, you will know that we have always talked about keeping the skin healthier for longer. The negative connotation implied by the “anti-ageing” label has never resonated with our philosophy. Terms such as pro-ageing or slow ageing allow us to embrace the passage of time. This change in terminology helps us to worry less about the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles and focus more on growing in our skin.

Although the ageing process is inevitable, our bodies still benefit from being supported and nourished every step of the way. And our skin is no exception. Clean and well-chosen skincare formulas can do wonders for skin, which tends to become finer and more delicate as we get older. In fact, there are certain areas of our bodies that need a little more care than others to remain healthier for longer…

Hands, the big give away

Our mitts are always exposed to the elements, external stressors and, in post-pandemic times, to constant sanitisation often with high-grade alcohol hand gels. This area of our body can age faster than any other part. Think extreme dryness, hyperpigmentation, or loss of elasticity that can leave them cracked and sore. The idea of pro-ageing implies not forgetting about them for a second, but incorporating nourishing, restorative treatments that support their overall health.

Pedro Catalá recommends Great Barrier Relief Cream. “When I discovered the new technique of enzymatic activation of lipids, I knew it was the missing part of the puzzle for my hand cream formula. Finally, I could harness all the benefits that these active oils provide. The result is a rich emulsion that is easily absorbed and enriched with niacinamide, designed to keep the delicate skin of our hands in optimal health”.

Niacinamide is known not only for the soothing effect it has on skin but also for its ability to correct uneven skin tone. Some recent studies have even shown that it is more effective than hydroquinone and has none of the same side effects. But that is not all. Niacinamide also improves elasticity, strengthens the skin barrier and repairs UV induced cell damage.

What’s more, these benefits are boosted even further thanks to the formula containing almond, borage and olive glycerides, which restore sebum balance and protect the skin from the effects of frequent or over washing. A skin-nourishing dose of shea butter has also been included, enhancing suppleness and banishing dry, cracked skin.

 pro ageing

Don’t forget about your neck

For most of us, our skincare ritual stops at our jawline, rarely going any further. Our neck is the one area of our bodies where our face moisturiser does not reach and our body lotion never touches. It is, however, subject to frequent movements and therefore has naturally thinner skin which needs extra support to stay as healthy as possible.

Over time we can suffer from neck stress or ‘tech neck’ due to the tension caused by spending many hours in front of electronic devices, ‘rings of Venus’ (horizontal lines around the neck) or vertical lines that are generated by a collagen deficiency or poor posture (for example, when sleeping).

Pedro Catalá recommends using products that contain both moisturising and antioxidant agents, such as Ideal Moisture Level Serum. “I wanted to use high weight hyaluronic acid in this product to create a permeable film to keep skin supple and hydrated. I also added other ingredients that help retain moisture, such as saccharide isomerate.”

Hyaluronic acid is a well-known skincare champion and, in this instance, its primary function is to preserve the most important characteristics of young and healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone. This powerhouse serum also contains panthenol, an excellent humectant that stimulates epithelialization as well. And mallow extract, which helps soothe skin and enhances hydration.

Another recommended pro-ageing skincare practice to take on board is protecting skin from free radical damage by way of a good dose of antioxidants. Artemisia extract found in Artemisia Power Protection Moisturizer SPF50+ is your skin’s first line of defence against environmental pollution and harmful UV rays.

Elbows and knees, pro-ageing focus points

By their very nature and position on the body, the skin covering our elbows and knees are constantly subject to expansion and contraction. Over time collagen deposits found in these areas degrade. As a result, the outer layer of skin thickens due to our keratin deposits hardening, leading to dry, crack skin and a darkened skin tone. The best way to support your skin’s health in these areas is to keep them well moisturised so that your collagen and keratin do not degrade.

Pedro Catalá recommends Rewarding Body Balm. “With this rich yet easily absorbed body balm, I aim to remedy chronic dry skin. Skin that has been constantly dry, sensitive and weak for years. The results are amazing as the formula’s blend mimics the natural oils found in healthy skin and in the same concentrations.”

True food for the skin. This balm is rich in nutrients, such as the unsaponifiable fraction of sunflower oil, a highly revered moisturising agent due to it containing key lipids and its ability to deeply soften the skin. Furthermore, sunflower unsaponifiables work as ‘cellular cement’ and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and filaggrin. All of which are key proteins needed by our epidermis.

Another active ingredient to look out for in pro-ageing skincare is Epilobium extract, as it has a flash effect, improving the general appearance of skin instantly. And let’s not forget about Spent grain wax, rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid essential for the regeneration of the epidermal barrier. Another key player for remedying dry, irritated or sensitive skin, keeping your skin healthier for longer.

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