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Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream

Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream

We answer your most frequently asked questions…

It doesn’t foam, so how does it clean?

The combination of plant-based oils I use in this cleanser work together to dissolve sebum, dirt, pollution and make up, breaking them up into small droplets. The addition of a coconut oil-derived emulsifier means these oil droplets are removed from the skin when we rinse the product off with lukewarm water. Skin is left thoroughly, but gently, clean.

How many times can I use it during the day?

I recommend using it twice a day. In the morning apply with a quick massage onto damp skin before rinsing off with lukewarm water. In the evening, after a long day exposed to pollution and environmental factors, it is time for a thorough cleanse, so my suggestion is to give a longer massage with the cleanser, using a splash of water until it emulsifies, and then again, rinse it off afterwards.

Does it remove waterproof mascara?

I do not recommend using it around the eyes. In my opinion, the best substance for removing mascara – which won’t compromise the very delicate eye area – are liquid waxes. I love organic jojoba oil, which from a chemical point of view is a liquid wax. It’s a great natural alternative to conventional eye make up removers. Simply add a few drops to a damp cotton pad, place over the eye to loosen the make-up, and then gently wipe the mascara away.

What results can I expect?

I formulated this cleanser with a high concentration of natural Squalene – our own natural Squalene present in our skin is often compromised when we cleanse. It’s the only cleanser I know of that gives back to the skin what is lost by the manual act of cleansing it – thereby minimising the damaging, dehydrating effects of cleansing in general. It contains Twelve Beauty´s signature blend of organic antioxidants, White Genepi, Buddleja, Mallow and Imperatoria, for skin that is restored, radiant and comfortable. It is as protective as it is corrective. Rather than being simply a product to remove make-up, it is far more effective than that – it’s the first step to achieve balanced and regenerated skin.

Which skin types do you recommend this cleanser for?

I am not a fan of classifying the skin into different categories, as I believe that skin goes through different stages and gets affected by stress, pollution and ultimately by using the wrong products, which results in skin with a poor lipid content (known as dry skin), or excessive production of sebum (oily/combination skin) or even skin prone to stinging, burning, pain, pruritus, tingling and itching in response to stimuli that should not normally provoke such sensations (sensitive skin). Considering the composition of the cleanser and the feedback from our customers, I am happy to say is that it effectively cleanses all skin types, including the most sensitive ones.

What is the pH of this cleanser?

The average pH value it is 4.98, slightly acidic which is similar to our own skin’s pH.

Is it vegan?

Yes, the entire TWELVE BEAUTY range is vegan.

Is it safe to use it if I am pregnant?

Based on all the recent studies available, it does not contain any ingredients that might be thought to be unsafe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Although, you will see on the label the word “parfum”, the fragrance I use is a standardised blend of organic essential oils at such a low dosage, that it does not pose any threat to the health of pregnant women. However, I always recommend that you check with your doctor if you feel unsure –  we all are individuals, and not one size will ever fit all.

Can I incorporate this cleanser into my routine if I already use a cleansing balm to remove my make up?

Because the Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream restores Squalene levels and does not disturb the skin’s acid mantle, the answer is yes, you can absolutely use it as your second cleansing step if you prefer to use another product to remove your make-up first.

When will I start seeing results?

You may start seeing results from first use, but this cleanser must be used regularly. Within a week, the improvement is noticeable.

Why are you so proud of this product?

As a formulator I took inspiration from the seven golden rules to create a technically perfect cleanser that was also highly compatible with our skin.

These golden rules are the following:

It must not contain emulsifiers that foam, and all the emulsifiers you use must be natural and non irritating for the skin.

It must have a similar pH to the upper layers of the skin (approx. 5)

It must not contain mineral oil. Instead it has to be rich in natural or naturally derived oils.

It must contain substances with strong emollient abilities and must be compatible with the skin’s own composition.

Apart from purifying abilities it must also contain ingredients that soothe, refresh, and moisturise the skin.

Use only fragrances that have been tested and it must not contain pure essential oils.

The emulsion has to be stable over a long period of time without separating and it must be expertly and naturally preserved to avoid oxidation.

What’s the cleanser’s shelf life?

By law, when an unopened product has a minimum durability of more than 30 months the expiry date is not required to be shown. Furthermore, to show how long a product is still safe to use after opening, the container must show the ‘open cream jar’ symbol. This gives an indication of how many months manufacturers guarantee the safety of their product, when stored and used reasonably. The Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream stays fresh for 6 months once opened.

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