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Quality at a fair price, the essence of the new green luxury

nuevo lujo new luxury

There has long been an undisputed belief that luxury is synonymous with quality, refinement and, above all, higher prices. However, there is a new luxury emerging that is measured more in terms of equality and fair prices, without foregoing quality. Somewhat of a contradiction that has become a reality thanks, in part, to new production methods, such as biotechnology, which has given rise to more cost-effective, advanced active ingredients.

According to experts, high-quality products characterised by more affordable prices is the essence of the new green luxury movement. A lower price does not necessarily mean less quality, but a better investigation into how to achieve higher quality or effectiveness at a reasonable price. Something much more difficult to achieve than creating a high quality but very expensive product.

“More than the cost of each individual ingredient, what matters the most to me is that the ingredient is sustainable in large quantities. In my case, for example, a prime example of a plant-based or natural ingredient that has also been derived from biotechnology is the hyaluronic acid present in Ideal Moisture Level Serum. Another would be Superoxide Dismutase, the star antioxidant present in our best-seller, Rapid Eye Treatment,” adds Pedro Catalá, alma mater of Twelve Beauty.

Affordable new luxury

“More than focusing on the price of the ingredients (which obviously plays a part in the final cost of the formula), one of our priorities is to offer the purest and highest quality we can (the degree of purity is directly proportional to the price of the ingredient). In our case, what determines the price of a Twelve Beauty product is its ‘craftsmanship’. The work and hours invested in each micro-batch. Despite having the latest technology, the human touch is the key ingredient in each product,” clarifies Pedro.

Purifying Cleansing Beauty Cream is, by far, Twelve Beauty’s most affordable, highest quality product. “Both its high emollients content and its complex production method mean that it should have a much higher cost than it actually has,” says Pedro. “But I wanted it to be an inexpensive, accessible product. Many consumers’ first contact with a skincare brand is through its range of cleansers, as this step is the most important in our beauty routine,” he concludes.

nuevo lujo new luxury

Poles apart: Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil

“There are two reasons why Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil is Twelve Beauty’s most expensive product. The unsaponifiable fractions of vegetable oils it contains, which are the most nutrient-dense part. And its complex extraction method, done in small quantities. Both affect the price,” reveals Pedro.

“If we consider that a 1 litre of vegetable oil costs approximately 30 euros, 1 litre of its unsaponifiable fraction can cost 600 euros upwards. What’s more, this higher skin-beneficial ingredient must undergo rigorous and expensive tests to verify its stability, as it can oxidise easily,” he concludes.

The London Mask is another product that commands a high price. “Where our clay mask is concerned, it is not so much the ingredients that directly influence the final price but the formula’s strictly manual preparation. It takes 3 days to produce just 50 units. However, mixing it by hand allows me to create a clay-based emulsion, which is a total game-changer for skin,” maintains Pedro.

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