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Rapid Eye Treatment

Rapid Eye Treatment

We answer your most frequently asked questions about this powerhouse of antioxidant-rich botanicals & plant peptides.

Why is it called ‘rapid’? Is it like a ‘flash’ balm?

Apart from the ingredients you would expect to find in an eye care product, I use a mixture of sugars derived from locust bean gum, which creates a nice film that tightens the skin without the effects of crumbling or pilling, typical of some other mechanical tighteners. So after you apply the Rapid Eye Treatment, you’ll notice how the fine lines around your eyes appear suddenly less evident, and the entire eye area is more refreshed.

It feels more like a gel rather than a cream – Why is that? 

In reality it is a lightweight cream and its base is a combination of emulsified water and oil. I had to keep its oil level very low due to the amount of natural peptides I use in the formula and this is the reason for its beautiful lightweight silky texture. These peptides do not work when blended with high concentrations of oils, so the result is akin to a ‘gel’ rather than a heavy cream.

What are the benefits of combining natural peptides and organic antioxidants?

This combination targets dark circles by activating micro-circulation, and strengthens the capillaries to reduce puffiness. The most important action, however, is protecting this delicate area’s collagen and elastin matrix. Once you reach the age of 25, the levels of ‘youth proteins’ contained in this area start to decrease quite rapidly, so by using the Rapid Eye Treatment helps your skin to stay healthier for longer.

It lists “wheat” on the label? Is it gluten free?

No, the product may contain traces of gluten.

What are rice peptides and how do they work?

Rice is one of my favourite ingredients as it can work wonders on sensitive skin and it also a source of some really valuable ingredients, such as Ferulic acid (antioxidant) and Gamma oryzanol (a natural sunscreen that also protects skin lipids from oxidation). It’s a highly effective ingredient. I also like using more traditional ingredients as, although they might not sound all that exciting, they have been studied for decades which means they are safe to use. In this particular formula, I’ve included it to combat dark circles and bags under the eyes.

I’ve read recently that eye creams are unnecessary and that a normal face cream does the same thing. Is this true?

I think we all have different opinions, and that’s fine. I am more of the opinion that this delicate area (where the skin is 5 to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face) has specific needs and really benefits from a product created specifically for it.

Why do you use Panthenol in this product? I thought it was only for rashes & burns?
Also called pro-vitamin B5, Panthenol works as a wonderful humectant because it attracts and holds in moisture, and is therefore also very soothing. The thinness of the skin around the eyes means that sometimes they experience higher water loss, making Panthenol the perfect ingredient to treat this problem.

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