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Saving face: Beauty tips to remedy a holiday skin hangover

las fiestas

The end of a year is synonymous with excesses of all sorts; multiple parties, get to togethers, rich food, late nights, an extra glass of wine or two… So, it is no wonder that during the first weeks of January, we are not exactly looking our best. Here are some simple, clean beauty fixes to help you and your complexion stop a holiday skin hangover from ruining your start to the new year.

The main culprits for our festive season skin woes are alcohol, not enough sleep and too much fat and sugar in our diets. Skin can look dull, tired and dehydrated with even the smallest of excesses. Overdoing it with the salty in snacks can also show up on our faces, causing puffiness and marked bags under the eyes. All this added strain to our bodies can result in skin being more prone to breakouts, redness and even a few more wrinkles.

Detox, the key to surviving a holiday skin hangover

There really is only one thing for it when we overindulge: detox. All those extra toxins generated by too much alcohol, sugar or fat must be eliminated from our bodies if we want to remedy any holiday skin hangover. One of the greatest detoxifying skincare ingredients is activated charcoal.  This unrivalled purifying giant acts as a “magnet”, drawing out toxins deposited in our skin, leaving us with a noticeably clear complexion.

Charcoal Peace Calming Cleanser is our go-to cure for clogged and congested skin. Thanks to its combination of plant-based activated charcoal and sucrose laurate, skin is cleansed deeply and thoroughly, without feeling stripped and taught. What’s more, its triple-phase texture provides a delightful sensorial cleansing experience. It is the perfect antidote to the festive excess.

Use as a detoxifying mask by applying a good layer on dry skin and leave for ten minutes. Emulsify with wet hands and remove with our favourite cleansing accessory, The Hand Wand. An ultra-soft organic cotton face mitt, hand-made by local craftspeople in Gata de Gorgos (Spain).

Banish the bags

Two of the most telling signs of hard, all-night partying are dark circles and puffy eyes in the morning. The remedy? Decongest the area. An act that involves releasing the accumulated toxins and fluids by activating the skin’s lymphatic system.

Reach for your Rapid Eye Treatment, one of our flagship products. Its unique, fast-acting formula is packed with powerhouse botanical extracts known to restore calm and reduce puffiness almost instantaneously. Furthermore, one of its stand-out ingredients, Ceratonia siliqua gum (a mixture of sugars obtained from carob seeds), works together with hydrolysed wheat proteins to form a viscoelastic film on the skin, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Holiday Skin Hangover

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Dehydration. Our skin’s biggest enemy and the first thing our bodies suffer from the moment we overindulge. Rehydrating our bodies internally and externally is a must to cure our holiday skin hangover.

To help externally replenish your complexion’s moisture levels, we recommend seeking the help of a much-loved beauty heavyweight, hyaluronic acid, found in Ideal Moisture Level Serum. This wonder serum is noted for maintaining optimal skin hydration levels by creating an invisible barrier, sealing in much-needed moisture. Thanks to its soothing and moisturising mallow extract and panthenol, this innovative formula also stimulates epithelialization, helping to heal small wounds.

Our last tip to keep your complexion merry and bright during and long after the Christmas period is over, is to spritz your face with a rehydrating face mist every time your skin needs a pick-me-up. Our favourite is Ultra Revitalizing Elixir. Its high concentration of moisturising, antioxidant active ingredients are proven to nourish and hydrate skin thoroughly so that it regains its healthy glow.

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