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I’m Feeling Good: Sensory beauty to awaken your senses

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A new wave of wellness is washing over consumer choices. Experts call the trend sensory beauty and it centres around beauty products designed to evoke feel-good emotions. From therapeutic aromas that transport us far away to exquisite textures that caress our skin, the sensorial elements of beauty products can go beyond helping our skin concerns.

Multi-sensoriality is taking over the beauty industry. What started as a fad with the rise of K-Beauty is now one of the leading market trends. Transformative textures, hybrid products and formulas with that wow effect are taking self-care to a new level. Sensory beauty allows us to relax after a busy day and calm our minds. It is a trend that is here to stay.

“Sensory beauty products play with all aspects of our senses from touch to smell,” says Dr. Pedro Catalá, “I always have sensitive skin in mind when I formulate. Hence why I tend to create new textures using ingredients that are highly skin-compatible, rather than use heavy aromas that are often full of allergens, even at low doses,” he concludes.

Cleansers: Where sensory beauty really shines

Powders that turn into foam. Soaps that go fizzy or balms that transform from butter to a light cream with just a few drops of water. Without a doubt, the first step in your skincare routine can be the most rewarding and fun.

Take Clementine Cleansing Balm, for example. Its rich butter-like texture not only immerses you in an exquisite wellness ritual but also leaves your skin incredibly soft. Furthermore, this non-polar vegetable oil-based cleanser instantly melts away all kinds of dirt too.

However, many will argue that this product’s charm lies in its comforting natural clementine aroma. This plant-based gem is not only highly beneficial for blemish-prone skin due to its antibacterial nature, but it has aromatherapy benefits also. Clementine scent has been proven to relax the senses and even reduce the effects of insomnia. It’s the perfect product to turn your PM routine into the ultimate spa ritual.

Charcoal Peace Calming Cleanser is another strong contender in this category, with its innovative triple-phase texture providing a soothing, calming experience. Transforming from gel-to-oil-to-milk, this botanical-based formula takes your cleansing ritual to the next level and is proven to remove even stubborn impurities.

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Oils, the pinnacle of sensuality

The one ingredient that truly embodies all that sensory beauty signifies is an oil. Silky textures which glide over our skin allow us a rare moment to connect with ourselves and our bodies.

The award-winning Hyaluroil Lip Treatment is a fine example where texture reigns supreme and fragrance is unimportant. With its rich, restorative yet light texture, this much-loved natural lip oil is a firm must-have for many.

On the other side is the heavenly scented Reverent Antioxidant Dry Body Oil. “Its distinctive aroma is reminiscent of the first apothecaries and their formulas, such as camphor alcohol, made to relieve aches and pains,” adds Pedro Catalá. Reverent Antioxidant Dry Body Oil does not contain camphor (extremely irritating) but a soothing blend of cinnamon, ginger and turmeric instead. This invigorating mix of essential oils is proven to boost circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage function.

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  1. Balbina says:

    Buenas tardes,

    Me gustaría saber qué productos se pieden utilizar durante el embarazo.


    1. Hola! Todos nuestros productos se pueden usar durante el embarazo menos Clementine Cleansing Balm/Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil (evitar durante el 1º trimestre solo) y Reverent Antioxidante Dry Body Oil (durante todo el embarazo). Esto es debido a su contenido más elevado de aceites esenciales. Un abrazo!

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