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Serums & Ultra Revitalising Elixir: What’s the difference?

Serums and Ultra Revitalising Elixir: What's the difference?

Here at Twelve HQ we love it when you ask us questions! So, when we received a query regarding the difference between our serums and the Ultra Revitalising Elixir, we thought the answer was worthy of a dedicated blog post.

The Ultra Revitalizing Elixir is much more concentrated than a traditional skin tonic and it owes its wonderful effectiveness to Mallow, its star ingredient. Mallow extract and all its fabulous skin benefits takes the place of the more common combo of water and alcohol (Mallow is 100x richer in active properties than distilled water!). Apart from being able to combat the effects of blue light emitted by smart devices, the Elixir’s active ingredients also help rebalance the skin’s pH level after cleansing (very important!) and helps it regain its elasticity and hydration. Its combination of ingredients mimics the Natural Hydration Factor in its ability to retain moisture. Thanks to its spray format, it’s extremely easy to reapply during the day, ensuring that your face is always calm and your skin barrier as strong as possible.

Pedro says, “It’s a quick and easy way to get antioxidants to your skin. As I live in an area with high atmospheric humidity, daily use of the Elixir helps my skin maintain an optimal level of hydration thanks to the formula containing several humectants. This, in turn, reduces the dreaded transepidermial water loss, something which happens very often in summer.”

Serums also have a high concentration of different active ingredients, but the difference between our serums and the Ultra Revitalising Elixir lies in that they have been formulated to target a much more specific need. They are usually designed around a particular ingredient or with a certain action in mind, in which different molecules act in synergy.

Pedro says, “Stressful days, weather changes, hormonal ups and downs, everything can have an effect on our skin. So, what can we do on the days where our skin is drier or oilier, when the odd zit or hyper pigmentation appears? Well, this is where serums come into play. You could almost call them your secret weapon! Moreover, their carefully designed formulas give us not only immediate visible results, but long-lasting ones too.”

As a final thought, Pedro reminds us that a face mist is not designed to replace a serum or a cream, and creams and serums aren’t substitutes for a face mist! We must remember that it’s crucial to listen to our skin and add the necessary products to our routines.

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