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¿Why skin cleansing is the most important step in our routine?

In my opinion, skin cleansing is the most important step of the beauty routine. The cleanser has to be highly compatible with the skin composition to avoid the harsh effect of the process but at the same time it has to be effective.

I have tried so many other products from different brands, and I must say that some formulas out there are outstanding. However I have never found a cleanser as effective and mild to the skin like mine, it is more of a treatment than a face wash, leaving the skin, soft and soothed.

The mechanical action of cleansing can be stressful to the skin, this is why the formulas have to be mild and the use of surfactants (detergents) have to be restricted.

The best formulas for the skin are the cleansing milks and creams. There is a big trend out there with oil/balm-to-milk cleansers but unfortunately they might not be stable, as the emulsifers used tend to be heavier (higher density) than the oils and after a while precipitate.

People constantly ask me about my views on double cleansing or cleansers with mild exfoliators. My reply is always the same: “Don’t be harsh with your skin. It is way too much”

Also the pH of a cleanser plays an important role. It should be around 5. The pH of my cleanser is 5, because the skin enzymes that produce ceramides to keep the barrier healthier work better at this pH.

How to use it?

I personally prefer to add a pump on the palm of my hand, add few drops of water and emulsify it, then apply it on my skin with a gentle massage. Rinse with lukewarm water.

It also works by massaging direct onto wet skin. It is better to remove it by splashing water, sometimes the mechanical action of cloths, sponges, cotton pads can irritate the skin.

After the cleanser is removed, I always recommend a floral water, toner or elixir to prep the skin.

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