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Skinimalism – Stripped back yet effective skincare


As 2021’s biggest beauty trend firmly takes hold, we explain everything you need to know about ‘skinimalism’ and how scaling back your beauty routine could be good for you, your skin and the planet.

What is skinimalism?

In a nutshell, skin minimalism, or “skinimalism” as coined by experts, is a more frugal approach to skincare. Consumer habits have changed drastically over the past year or so, and this has paved the way for a more conscientious look at what we’re actually putting on our skin, where product ingredients come from and whether we really need that 10-step beauty routine in the first place.

No doubt that the mere thought of having to strip back your routine will leave the few skincare-diehards among us running for cover, clutching all their favourite expensive creams. However, it’s worth mentioning that opting for a more minimalist approach to how you take care of your skin can mean anything from using less products or active ingredients, to reducing unnecessary packaging. It’s about figuring out what really works for your skin, your bank balance and the environment.

How can skinimalism benefit your skin?

Let’s face it, most of us use skincare products to promote better, healthier-looking skin but that isn’t always achieved by applying layer upon layer of active-packed products. Although the beauty industry as a whole would have you believe otherwise, excessive skincare practices can, in fact, be very counterproductive, often leaving you with a weakened skin barrier, redness, irritation and other non-grata skin complaints. Many of us actually end up over-hydrating our skin and also run the risk of anti-oxidants becoming pro-oxidants by using higher than needed doses.

By following a more balanced, intuitive approach to your self-care routine, focusing on what I like to call, the 4 golden rules of skincare – Cleanse, treat, moisturise & protect – you can avoid overwhelming, overstimulating and confusing your skin. Learn to listen to your skin and chose your active ingredients wisely, based on what your skin actual needs rather than the latest active trending on social media. Take the time to investigate your favourite brands, ask them questions and see beyond marketing buzzwords. It takes the expertise of a good formulator to know which ingredients negatively interact, which have similar functions and which actively enhance each other.

How can I adapt my routine to this new trend?

In early 2012, after just a few months of the Twelve Beauty range being on the market I realised that consumers did not give their skincare products enough time to work. In fact, most were frantically swapping products in and out of their beauty regimes. (Hello, confused skin!) This is one of the reasons why I always advocate that the best skincare product is the one that suits your skin, and that you stick to it! If you want to scale back your routine, think about keeping your multi-tasking products such as:

Purifying Cleansing Beauty CreamI see it more of a restorative product as its skin-benefits go far beyond being just an average face cleanser.

Rapid Eye TreatmentYou can also use this eye emulsion to calm areas prone to redness, rosacea or irritated, such as cheeks and nose.

Clementine Cleansing BalmA quintessential oil-based cleanser that can also double up as a moisturising mask if you leave it on 10 minutes before removing it with your Twelve muslin cloth.


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