Sugars, a sweet elixir for your skin

sugars in skin care

It’s no secret: Excessive sugar consumption is not only closely related to numerous health problems, but it is also harmful to the skin as it can cause premature ageing.

The culprit is “glycation”, a chemical reaction that occurs when beauty proteins (collagen and elastin), come into contact with glucose, causing them to become rigid. They ‘caramelize’ and as a result skin loses moisture and suppleness, and becomes dull and brittle. Hello wrinkles!

However, when applied topically to the skin, sugars are beneficial for the skin, helping to boost luminosity and improve firmness.

Juicy properties

Aside from its amazing ability to trap and retain water, sugars are a popular skincare ingredient due to their versatility and decades-long safety record. What’s more, they are easily soluble in water and, thanks to their chemical properties, do not alter the pH of the formulas.

They are also excellent prebiotics. Well-nourished “good” skin bacteria make for a healthy skin barrier function. Furthermore, these bacteria generate a metabolic by-product – lactic acid -, a very effective natural exfoliating agent that also keeps the hydrolipidic film at the top of its game.

Sugars good for your skin

Fucose: A monosaccharide with antibacterial properties, which makes it a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives.

Saccharide Hydrolysate: A mixture of active compounds obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of Schizandra berries, boasting a unique composition of peptides, sugars and hydroxy acids. This combination improves barrier function and softens even the most sensitive skin.

Inulin: Obtained from chicory and sugar cane. It is a fantastic prebiotic and is considered a natural alternative to hair conditioners.

Saccharide Isomerate: A natural sugar derived from plants with a chemical composition similar to the carbohydrates found naturally in skin. It works as a moisture magnet preventing transepidermal water loss.

Sucrose: Refined and ground, it is a valid natural alternative to microplastics.

Sodium PCA: Its outstanding hygroscopic properties (ability to attract and retain water) make it more moisturising than glycerine. Natural derived from glutamic acid, it is one of the key components of the Natural Moisturising Factor and improves skin vitality and suppleness. In addition, it is not sticky and does not influence the viscosity of the formulas.

Sorbitol: Provides extra stability when combined with natural surfactants and improves the texture of the final formula.

Xylitol: Extracted from certain plants, for example, birch bark. It is highly moisturising. For use in products such as deodorants, it is processed via natural methods.

Ultra Revitalising Elixir

Sugars in your skincare

Jojoba Quench Body Serum has been formulated for sensitive or irritated skin using Sodium PCA and moisturising extracts of Jojoba, essential fatty acids and other nutrients to stimulate the skin barrier. This incredibly silky, soothing, fast-absorbing lotion provides long-lasting hydration. It immediately soothes dry, compromised skin, improving its elasticity and suppleness.

Ultra Revitalising Elixir, our fan-favourite facial mist packing a high concentration of active ingredients and antioxidants to deeply nourish skin. Thanks to its high-quality active ingredients, among which are Hydrolysed Saccharide and Mallow extract (rich in polysaccharides), this elixir ensures your skin recovers its elasticity, hydration and, above all, its ‘glow’.

Antioxidant Burst Shower Gel is an immensely gentle botanical alternative to traditional body shower gels. Its sulphate-free formula rich in biodegradable amino acids, is not only great for your skin’s microbiome, but also the environment. What’s more, it harnesses the hydrating power of Saccharide Isomerate too.

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