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Sun powered skincare, making the most of the energy that the sun gives us every day

Sun Powered Skincare

As most of our clients and followers know, two of our key themes here at Twelve Beauty are innovation and sustainability. Last year saw us undertake many important changes in both these areas, so much so that for 2020 we wanted to do something even bigger and better.

With the effort to combat climate change increasingly urgent, it was only natural for us want to take our environmentally friendly philosophy one step further and install solar energy, making our laboratory totally self-sufficient!

Twelve Beauty is now greener than ever and we couldn’t be prouder to add renewable energy to our other eco-friendly policies:

  1. Our ingredients are chosen based on their low environmental impact both in obtaining them and in the sustainability of the ingredients themselves. For example, mallow flower, one of our 12 main active ingredients, is a sustainable plant due to its quick growth and needing very little water or care. Or spent grain wax, an extremely beneficial ingredient for the skin is obtained from the residue generated by malt in beer production.
  2. In the laboratory where Pedro and the team produce all our products, everything is recycled and biodegradable soapwort soap is used to clean the instruments before disinfecting them. This wonderful soap is made by Pedro personally every two months from the soapwort plant found in the study garden.
  3. All Twelve Beauty containers are easily recyclable since they are made of glass, a material that also protects the product very well. We only resort to using plastic if the piece required does not exist in other material.
  4. All our packaging is printed on both chlorine and bleach free paper and we always only ever use vegetable inks.
  5. Packages are sent in cardboard boxes using natural adhesives that are water activated.
  6. We never throw away ingredients that are about to expire or ones that have not passed our exhaustive quality control. Pedro uses them in the cosmetic classes that he teaches at the University of Siena.
  7. As we have a great working relationship with a local recycling company, this means that all the packaging that is returned to our studio can be recycled correctly.

Although choosing a greener way of life is on the rise, it isn’t always easy to achieve. Indeed, the cosmetic industry is still working against the clock, trying to adapt to the new environmental regulation requirements demanded by both the industry and consumers. Here at Twelve Beauty however we believe that sustainability is less of a choice and more of a requirement, and we are thoroughly committed to being as green as possible in order to create a better world for everyone. We are proud to be an active part of the change so desperately need for our planet!


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