Skin care

The art of misting

Toners were originally created for cleansing and the general care of the skin. They were also marketed as a “skin refresher” due to the cooling abilities of these formulations.

Toners have come a long way from the first preparations mainly alcohol based mixtures with rose water, borax, glycerine, zinc and aluminium salts, menthol and camphor amongst other ingredients. I even read in a 1970’s pseudoscientific article, that “turtle oil” was the star ingredient in so many toners, I mean seriously??

The new generation of toners, deliver antioxidants, hydration and elasticity. A well formulated natural toner, is a great option to save on your moisturiser or serum as you might need to apply smaller quantities of those. However, there are few misconceptions I have heard over the last few months. Here’s a selection of the worse ones.

The alcohol in the toner has an astringent effect.

False: Alcohol is used in a toner to give stability, prevents bacterial growth (if used around 10%) and increases the solubility of essential oils or perfume. Alcohol synthetic or natural is way too harsh for the skin. The astringent effect is more of an optical effect due to the inflammation of the skin after applying alcohol, so the pores look smaller.

It is an easy product to prepare at home

False: There are many recipes on the internet where it is recommended to boil a tea bag and add honey or essential oils to preserve it. This preparation is the perfect “broth” for bacteria and fungi to grow.

It is the following step after cleansing to remove stubborn makeup or remains of the cleansing product

False: a correct cleansing is enough so that no residue remains on the skin.

Replace the toner with rose water or jasmine is a valid natural alternative.

False: they can pleasant and sensorial but they contribute very little to the health of the skin and do not replace the toner

The exfoliating toners (acid toners) are recommended to be used 3 times a week

False: A repeated exfoliation can cause serious damage to the upper layers of the epidermis, considering that these preparations contain high doses of chemical exfoliants.

It is useful in spray to take it on the plane

False: Because they are usually formulated with humectants that in a dry environment like the interior of the plane, attract the water from your skin leaving it dehydrated.

Focusing on the Ultra Revitalising Elixir I aimed for a multitasking product capable of soothing even the most sensitive skin while providing healthy ingredients for those seeking to up their skincare game.

Key ingredients include:

– Saccharide Hydrolysate:  is a blend of active compounds obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of Schizandra berries, with a unique composition of peptides, sugars and hydroxy-acids. This combination improves the barrier function and calm stressed skin.

– Cucumber extract: Soothing and refreshing agent that helps the skin elasticity and flexibility.

– Rice starch: Creates a great protective film.

– Allantoin: Reduces skin irritation by supporting the natural regeneration of the skin cells and improves the skin´s moisture retention while providing a smoothening effect

– Artemisia Umbelliformis Extract: Protects the skin with antioxidant and radical scavenging properties. In addition, it also acts as an anti-bacterial

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