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The Beauty Benefits of Oils

The Beauty Benefits of Oils

By including oils in your beauty routine you’re not only nourishing your skin with much needed hydration and antioxidant protection, but you’re also providing it with other key properties such as deep cleansing or germ busting, depending on your oil of choice. In this article we explore some little-known facts about a few of the most common ones available and why the beauty benefits of oils should not be overlooked. Ever!

1. Sunflower oil for a deep cleanse? Rich in omega 6 (linoleic acid) sunflower oils helps bring balance to skin prone to blocked pores and breakouts due to poor quality sebum (low in omega-6). This type of sebum has a very low viscosity that ends up clogging pores. Oils in general have a better ability to penetrate our skin’s hydrolipidic film, helping to deep cleanse and remove the compacted residue inside our pores.

2. Suffering from irregular texture and dryness? Then avocado oil is your new best friend you won’t want to be without.

3. Why use a cleansing facial brush when the beauty benefits of oils also include antibacterial properties? And they’re much gentler on the skin too.

4. From the kitchen to the beach. Rice oil boosts our skin’s natural sun protection and minimalizes cell damage from sun exposure.

5. Firm believer in all things ‘Oil-free’? You might want to reconsider as the beauty benefits of oils also include the ability to decongest skin!

6. Don’t be afraid of using a facial oil if you suffer from acne! Constant breakouts are often a sign of a compromised skin barrier. Certain types of oils have been proven to repair the skin’s barrier function, leaving skin less vulnerable to acne.

7. Safflower oil is a guy’s best friend. Able to work its way between their beard and other facial hair, Safflower oil helps to balance out male skin, and reduce that oily sensation.

8. Almond oil, the unsung hero of the natural beauty world? Able to penetrate the skin’s hydrolipidic film and minimize water loss. Not only does it work well on dry skin, but it also happens to be a miracle product for dry hair too. Apply it to your hair as a hydrating mask 15 minutes before your usual shampoo.

9. Dry skin from washing your hands so much? Mix things up a bit by alternating soap with coconut oil. Comprised of at least 50% lauric acid means coconut oil is naturally high in antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

10. Suffering from hyperpigmentation that you just can’t seem to reduce? Then consider giving cucumber oil a try. By controlling your skin’s production of melanin, this oil can reduce the appearance of sun spots.

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