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The top 5 beauty trends for 2022

5-tendencias de belleza 2022

After another difficult year, it’s no wonder health and self-care are still at the forefront of most people’s minds as 2022 gets underway. With anything that involves taking better care of ourselves (no matter how small) resonating within us intensely, upping our skincare game will be on new year’s resolution lists for many. We take a look that the beauty trends hotly tipped to be the major self-care players in 2022.

Skincare, more than just a trend

We are no longer following skin care fads. Consumer thirst for brand transparency and in-depth product information has resulted in a push for quality over quantity and more authentic marketing. Customers are making well-informed choices and are less likely to be swayed by hype and buzz words. The demand to overhaul outdated beauty ideals and replace them with more intellectual and current attitudes has been long overdue. One such of which is the well-ageing movement, where the focus is less on removing wrinkles and more on improving the overall health of our skin.

This consumer-driven “refocusing” is expected to push even more boundaries within the beauty world in 2022, according to industry analysts. So, we can expect to see a lot of innovation in the months to come. Skincare just got real.

Microbiome, the word on everyone’s lips

According to analysts, Google searches for “how to care for your skin microbiome” hit an all-time high in the last 12 months. However, we are not just interested in products containing probiotics, but also prebiotics aimed at rebalancing and strengthening barrier function as well.

According to trend forecasting agency WGSN, fermented beauty products will be one of the big hitters this year. Japan and Korea (as well as TikTok) were the initial driving forces behind the movement. However, interest in these products is now on the up on a global level, as fermented ingredients have the potential to enhance skin barrier function. Furthermore, the natural bacteria they contain also help to prolong their shelf life. Which is great news for sustainably-minded consumers.

Brands in the know have begun incorporating bio-sugars in their formulas, as they are excellent prebiotics. When the bacteria on the skin are well-nourished, its barrier function is strong and more effective. What’s more, these bacteria generate a metabolic by-product: lactic acid, a very effective natural exfoliating agent that also keeps the hydrolipidic film healthy.

Ultra Revitalising Elixir, in addition to many other sugars, contains saccharide hydrolyzate obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of Schizandra berries. This key active has a unique composition of peptides, sugars and hydroxy acids, which improves barrier function, hydrates and restores even the most sensitive of skins.

Condensed beauty, minimal waste

When it comes to sustainable formulas, products that contain little or no water are at the top of the list. ‘Condensed beauty,’ is a new term coined by prospective consultancy company, The Future Laboratory, and it relates to beauty brands discovering new ways to achieve optimal results and formula efficiency while reducing product waste.

When formulating Dara’s Water, the amount of water used has been greatly reduced and partially replaced by organic extracts of damask rose and oats, distilled exclusively for us in Italy. Indeed, in many of our products, such as Jojoba Quench Body Serum or Nutritive Repair Emulsion, spent grain wax has been used to keep the amount of water needed to a minimum. Furthermore, although classed as a by-product generated by malt in breweries, spent grain wax is actually very rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, making it perfect for soothing sensitive skin.

Cleanical, one of the beauty trends to look out for

A combination of the words “clean” and “clinical”, Cleanical is another newly minted beauty term that will be big in 2022, according to WWD. Considered a natural evolution of the Clean Beauty movement, Cleanical is driven by consumers looking for skin-safe yet highly-effective products, which are backed by brand transparency and have a low environmental impact.

‘New Masculinity’ will challenge outdated stereotypes

Of late, celebrity culture has managed to subvert outdated gender norms. Social media has given men an incredible platform for self-expression and the ability to rewrite traditional gender roles and stereotypes. Experts predict that this new masculinity will continue to evolve over the year. And it will do so through the beauty industry and social media, normalising makeup experimentation and the sharing of skincare opinions.

Experts such as the Australian blogger of Indian origin, Just Ask Arjun @justaskarjun (a big fan of Twelve Beauty), who specialises in eco-luxe beauty show us that “understanding” all about skincare products is not just for women. Fuelled by a collective interest in personal care and the rise of beauty brands offering male or unisex formulas, beauty is no longer a male taboo.

It is not surprising that men love Twelve Beauty products. Our lightweight, neutral formulas have been carefully designed to treat skin regardless of gender. Two products that have won the hearts of many of our male clientele are Rapid Eye Treatment and Ideal Rebalancing Level Serum. Both are proven to work incredibly well on their skin.

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