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This intelligent serum oil is revolutionising skincare

face serum oil facial

Facial oils are currently bang on-trend, with the ‘serum oil’ format becoming increasingly popular with beauty addicts and skincare lovers alike. Although some may initially be reluctant to try an oil (will it be too greasy, cause acne or block my pores?), the truth is that today’s advanced formulation methods have revolutionised the sector, turning a humble oil into a universal beauty elixir.

“One of my favourite products is Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil,” confessed Pedro Catalá, an expert in natural product formulation and founder of Twelve Beauty to Vanity Fair magazine. And it is not surprising because whoever tries it is immediately hooked. Why? Because this serum oil, with its silky, lightweight finish is much more than a beauty product. Also known as ‘the ultimate skin problem solver’, this wonder product successfully treats both dry, irritated complexions and the most inflamed (rosacea) or acne-prone ones.

Unsaponifiables, the key to an outstanding serum oil

“Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil has a strong base of unsaponifiable oils, the most active part of vegetable oils and butters”, continues Pedro, “Although they are nothing new in terms of ingredients, their use is very limited in the skincare industry due to their high extraction costs and the fact that they are difficult to work with. I was very excited to give them the prominence they deserve in an effective yet stable and safe formula.”

These valuable natural vegetable oil fractions are packed with incredible nutrients and antioxidants that provide healing, protection and restorative benefits to all skin types, improving skin barrier function in record time.

Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil harnesses the power of various unsaponifiable oils:  Glycine extracted from soybean oil, which is great for soothing and conditioning the skin. Olive oil, a real nutrient-dense treasure for your complexion. Sunflower oil, to replenish key lipids in the epidermis. And wheat germ, proven to protect key proteins found in the upper layers which are essential for maintaining skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF).

The formula is further enhanced with pollen extract, considered nectar of the gods for its unique revitalising action and its high amino acid, enzyme, vitamin and mineral content – All of which are essential for supporting skin health. It also contains high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that acts as a thin, invisible, transparent film, preserving the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone. And last but not least, its subtle aroma of mint leaves, chamomile and clary sage; sweet orange peel, bergamot and lemon; coriander and cardamom seeds and the seductive note of the Cananga flower or ylang-ylang, all make using this serum oil a divine skin ritual experience.

face serum oil facial

A healthy skin barrier, the epitome of pro-ageing

Think of it like a skincare booster shot or support system, where the main objective is not to avoid anti-ageing, but to promote pro-ageing in a very simple way – By improving overall skin health. Pro-ageing means balance and working with your skin to keep it looking its best. To do this skin must have a good lipid supply and have optimal barrier function so that it is less vulnerable to suffering transepidermal water loss.

“You must remember that to hydrate the skin correctly, you must meet three requirements: Replenish the water lost by TEWL. Ensure that the outermost layers of the skin can correctly retain moisture (here, the quantity and quality of lipids that we contribute to the skin come into play). And you must protect skin from external stressors and free-radical damage.” explains Catalá.

Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil does all of this and more, as one of its key functions is promoting the structural organization of keratin in the outermost layers. It also contributes to a higher number of water-soluble molecules in the skin, which are necessary to effectively retain water.

Its greatest feat: Its versatility

“It’s like a universal remedy,” states Pedro. “And it can be mixed with any other skincare product, although, as it acts on the most superficial layers of the skin, I recommend combining it with a product rich in hyaluronic acid and vegetable-based carbohydrates to provide lasting hydration.”

For this reason, Twelve Beauty’s Ideal Moisture Level Serum is recommended as the perfect partner for their serum oil. Packing a powerful punch of high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and Saccharide Isomerate, a plant derivative identical to the carbohydrates found in skin that acts as a water magnet, it is not surprising that beauty experts call it an “Organic Primer”, capable of perfecting skin texture and improving luminosity.

“I can’t live without the combo of Ideal Moisture Level Serum and Intelligent Frontier Facial Oil,” says actress Naomie Harris, a self-confessed fan of the brand. “It is the ideal way to treat my skin with the two elements it needs the most: Water and oil. Since using this product combination, my skin is more even-tone and much more balanced. It makes my makeup look better and last longer, even during a long day filming.”

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