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Ultra Revitalising Elixir

Ultra Revitalising Elixir

We answer your most frequently asked questions about this lipid enhancing mist…

Is the Elixir the same as a toner?

 Not really – The elixir is more concentrated than an average toner, but you can happily use it instead of a toner if you are thinking of stepping up your skincare routine.

What does it do?

I always formulate my products with sensitive, reactive and stressed skin in mind so created this extremely soothing and calming elixir as a godsend for skin that’s in a bit if a panic! Over 90% of the formulation is made from an unusually high concentration of mallow flower extract. I also added the purest form of Niacinamide with the lowest nicotinic acid residue available on the market which helps to unify skin tone, correct hyperpigmentation and strengthens the skin barrier – this works in synergy with the Schizandra Berry extract for a beautiful dual action. My botanical signature mix of Imperatoria, Buddleja and White Genepi then provide the right level of antioxidant protection. As a final touch, I added a dose of humectants similar to the ones found in our own skin (our own natural NMF – Natural Moisturising Factor), which help to keep skin moisturised and maintain its elasticity.

When can I expect to see results?

Your skin will feel soothed from the first application. You’ll also see a healthy glow and more even skin tone within 3 to 4 weeks.

Can I swap it for my exfoliating acidic toner?

I think it is a great natural alternative to exfoliating toners as Schizandra Berries contain a mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid that helps to exfoliate mature dead cells at a friendlier pH – Minimising both sensitivity and damage.

Because it’s so refreshing, can I use it all year round or has it been designed to be used during summer only?

You can use it every day as the combination of the ingredients provides so many benefits to the skin, including an enhanced barrier function which is paramount for healthy skin. I find that for most people, skin tends to need more help at the end of summer/start of autumn. Statistically this is the point in the year at which the melanin in our skin has been overstimulated by summer but starts to slowly disappear (i.e. our tan ‘fades’) – Unfortunately, skin often appears uneven as its melanin starts to fade irregularly, so sometimes your skin appears uneven or sallow. The Ultra Revitalising Elixir really helps to improve the skin tone. To speed up the results, use the Elixir with our London Mask, twice a week.

I use a foam cleanser to wash my face, is it a good idea to use the Elixir straight after?

Yes. Foaming products tend to have a high pH value, as surfactants (i.e. foaming agents) generally increase pH. Despite the skin’s ability to regulate its own pH, it would benefit greatly from the quick restoration of a normal acidic pH of around 5. That’s what the Elixir does so beautifully – Which is very helpful for maintaining long term skin health.

How many times should I use it?

I recommend using it morning and evening after cleansing, but I keep a bottle on my desk too, to use as a regular hydrating & protective skin boost whilst I work.

Can I use it if I have acne?

Several studies on Niacinamide have shown that it has great results on acne-prone skin. Also, the Elixir’s blend of antioxidants possesses potent antibacterial properties and the soothing formula reduces the inflammation often associated with acne. So the answer is a big yes!

Is it organic?

 92.41 % of the ingredients used in the Ultra Revitalising Elixir are organic.

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