Activated charcoal, your facial cleansing hero

Activated Charcoal Cleanser

The act of ​​cleansing your face with a black coloured product may seem initially somewhat counterintuitive. However, when you discover that this intense colour is down to a powerful key natural ingredient, you might just change your mind. Find out all about the wondrous skin benefits that activated charcoal brings to the beauty industry …

What is activated charcoal?

Charcoal is a natural ingredient derived from plant debris including fruit peels. The term ‘activated’ means that it has been treated with steam to increase its absorbency, turning its structure into a kind of porous sponge, capable of soaking up dirt and impurities from the skin. Charcoal can also be obtained from coconut shell or bamboo, but this variety is only used for colouring and not for its medicinal properties due to its very small particle size which cannot be “activated”. The rule of thumb is, the smaller the particle size, the more intense its colour.

In our case, we work with an activated charcoal supplier with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. As with all our ingredients, the charcoal we use comes from highly sustainable plant sources and its extraction process is as environmental-friendly as possible.

Why is activated charcoal great for your skin?

Thanks to its highly porous structure, activated charcoal is immensely purifying which is great news if you have oily, combination, congested or acne-prone skin. Furthermore, it has also been proven to:

– Deep cleanse skin and unclogged skin.

– Absorb toxins, impurities, grease residues, dirt and even odours.

– Help to regulate sebum production and reduce shine.

– Fight acne thanks to its antibacterial properties.

– Gently exfoliate skin, leaving it smoother.

– Provide skin with a more vibrant, even skin-tone.

– Be rich in key skin beneficial nutrients needed for a calmer complexion.

How to incorporate activated charcoal in your skincare routine…

Considering that its cleansing and medicinal properties date back to ancient times, it is not surprising that activated charcoal has found its way into a myriad of modern-day skincare products. My idea on how to incorporate this extraordinary ingredient into the Twelve Beauty collection was to create a powerful cleanser gentle enough on skin to be used daily. Going on the amazing feedback we’ve received since its launch, I couldn’t be happier with the result. Charcoal Peace Calming Cleanser is a restorative triple-phase detox for your skin which will leave it restored, healthy and radiant. I, for one, am hooked.



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