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treating cellulite

Summertime is fast approaching and with it rising mercury and hemlines! If the idea of unveiling your bare, dimpled limbs leaves you feeling less than enthusiastic, read on to discover our recommendations on how to tackle one of the most common skincare concerns, cellulite.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a cosmetic issue that involves the layers right below our skin where the adipose tissue lies and, although it’s more predominant in women, men can develop it also. Often affecting thighs, buttocks, abdomen or upper arms, cellulite’s orange peel aesthetic is due to an increase in volume of fatty tissue below the skin’s surface, which is then pushed through the ‘septae’, the fibrous bands which connect skin to muscle.

What causes cellulite?

Many factors can play a part in cellulite developing, with one of the main ones being poor venous and lymphatic microcirculation. Unless corrected, this problem tends to get steadily worse with time (and age) and a vicious circuit is established. Increasingly poor adipose tissue microcirculation leads to a greater stagnation of liquids within the skin’s structure, causing inflammation and for either cellulite to form or to become more pronounced. Cellulite behaves like a sponge, absorbing the excess fluid causing it to swell and skin to appear rough with flaccid-looking protrusions. In some cases, as skin increases in texture and loses firmness and elasticity, the cottage-cheese effect of cellulite can unfortunately become quite hard and even painful to touch.

Genetics and lifestyle can all negatively affect the function of our venous and lymphatic microcirculation, leading to the appearance of cellulite.  However, there are other factors which can also contribute to the infamous ‘orange peel skin’ developing, such as loss of skin thickness due to the ageing process, loose skin, stress, sun damage and even hormonal imbalances.

How to improve the appearance of cellulite

Apart from following a healthy lifestyle with low-stress levels, there are some topical treatments which can help improve the appearance of skin. Our go-to recommendation is without a doubt our Reverent Antioxidant Dry Body Oil. This all-natural, lightweight yet highly nourishing body oil is packed with supercharged botanical ingredients which stimulate lymphatic drainage and activate blood flow. Containing a special blend of pure essential oils to boost the skin’s microcirculation while improving nutrient flow to affected tissue, it’s sure to become a staple in your body care routine.


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