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Introducing our all new non-micellar cleansing water

non-micellar cleansing water

Developed in collaboration with our US friends at Ayla Beauty, Dara’s Water is the cumulation of Dr Pedro Catalá’s unrivalled expertise in botanical formulation and Ayla founder, Dara’s ten-year search for a remarkably gentle, yet effective surfactant-free cleansing solution suitable for all skin types, including the most stressed and reactive complexions. Read on to discover what makes our all new non-micellar cleansing water so amazing.

In today’s modern skincare world cleansing waters are a plenty, mainly because they are effective at removing makeup and impurities, while also being fuss-free. They are commonly formulated with surfactants (detergents), which once incorporated in the water present in the formula, form spheres that are technically called “micelles,” giving way to the name “micellar water.”

However, as micellar waters are formulated with a high pH (approximately 7.4) in order to avoid eye irritation, this means that over time, they can potentially cause various skin problems for the rest of the face, whose pH is around 5, especially if the product is not rinsed off. To avoid this problem, we have chosen to formulate our cleansing water using a rare combination of humectants and polysaccharides capable of removing the most stubborn makeup, impurities and even mineral sunscreen. All in all, this makes Dara’s Water a very effective, yet much milder alternative to traditional micellar waters. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that it’s more of a skin treatment than just a cleanser. What’s more, although it’s been formulated with a skin-friendly pH, it does not cause any eye area irritation as it’s surfactant-free.

Suitable for even reactive skin

Those of you who have been fans of the brand for a while will remember that one of the first investments we made was in the best water purification system we could find for the TWELVE studio. This alone helps immensely when formulating for extremely sensitive and reactive skin. However, for our new non-micellar water, we decided to go the extra mile and incorporate made-to-order organic rose and oat waters – Meaning that they are preservative free, unlike most other botanical waters which usually contain a fair amount of preservatives. These two ingredients combined with other soothing molecules makes this non-micellar cleansing water a unique alternative for sensitive souls.

And of course, we make all our products in small batches as we need them, right here in Spain. Although more time consuming, the products created are much more suited to sensitive and reactive skin.

How to use Dara’s Water

Simply saturate a cotton pad or muslin cloth and gently swipe or dab away dirt and make-up. Don’t forget to rinse off with lukewarm water for a happy, healthy skin.



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