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Nutritive Repair Emulsion

Nutritive Repair Emulsion

We answer your most frequently asked questions about this barrier repairing wonder cream…

I love this moisturiser so much! Can I use it during the day too?

Yes, you can if you have very dry skin or if your skin is highly sensitive or reactive. It is very soothing.

Did you add Mallow because of its soothing properties?

When design my products, I always have stressed, reactive and sensitive skin in mind. Mallow is one of the best ingredients for this skin type. There is a very old Spanish proverb that says “A kitchen garden and mallow, sufficient medicines for a home” and in herbal medicine there are records regarding Mallow dating all the way back to 3000 BC. Mallow flowers are also moisturise and the leaves have powerful skin healing properties. It is a wonderful ingredient that has been studied for decades, which is also wonderful for me as a pharmacist, because it means that there is so much solid information on its use and safety.

In a Master Class, you mentioned that the Nutritive Repair Emulsion could be seen as a natural version of a hydrocortisone cream…

Dry and sensitive skin are linked to a weak barrier function, which means skin is more vulnerable to external factors (i.e. it can be easily irritated and sensitised). This product visibly reduces histamine–related symptoms like itching, swelling and redness. I could not be happier with the final result.

Can this product be classified as ‘sustainable beauty’?

Yes, absolutely. It contains Spent Grain Wax which comes from a by-product of washing Barley before it gets processed in the food industry. It leaves behind a big mass of white fat which is rich in the purest linoleic acid. This by-product was normally thrown away until someone analysed the residue and realized it has so many fantastic skin benefits! Also, the other plants used, like Buddleja and Mallow, are actually considered weeds – They grow very quickly in polluted soils and without water. This is the future for natural skincare – Using only these type of ingredients, which don’t tax, stress or plunder the planet’s natural resources.

The cream is very rich, but it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Do you use any natural silicone?

There’s no such thing as natural silicone, but there are instead very light emollients which are natural derived that absorb easily and leave skin incredibly smooth to the touch. However, in this product I use Cupuaçu butter which seemingly melts into the skin. It is one of the most moisturising butters found in nature and it s packed with polyphenols (strong antioxidants), so this might be the reason you feel the richness without the greasiness.

Does it work on eczema?

I have seen great results in people with eczema. I suggest using it twice a day as a regular moisturiser, after a mild cleanse and a regenerating serum.

 Can Cetearyl Alcohol dry out my skin?

Despite the name, this ingredient is actually natural emollient wax that gives structure to the formula. Alcohols (which dries the skin no matter its origin) are normally listed as: alcohol, alcohol denat, or ethanol.

 Do you have any beauty tips for this product?

After a windy winter’s day, before I fly or after a long day at the beach, I apply a thicker layer than usual and leave it to work overnight.  The following day, my skin feels completely calm, soothed and soft.

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