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The best hand cream to treat dry skin

tratamiento de manos hand cream

The end of 2020 saw a plummet in lipstick sales and a meteoric rise in hand care purchases. The hand care and hand cream market has never been considered a stand-out category in the beauty industry. That is until the use and abuse of hydroalcoholic gels and other hand sanitisers changed consumer preferences.

Suddenly our skin became extremely dry, began to crack and age rapidly. We were left needing something far more skin-beneficial than the standard hand creams on offer. Our hands were crying out for expertly formulated skin treatments and remedies.

“In 2022, consumers will be looking for hand care products that provide protective and moisturising benefits in one. Antibacterial formulas combined with active ingredients that take care of the skin to combat dryness and keep hands healthy and young will be the key,” states WGSN, the global authority on consumer and design trends, in one of its reports.

Great Barrier Relief Cream, a visionary hand cream formula

“I always had in mind to formulate a hand treatment, but I could not find a stand-out ingredient that piqued my interest. Everything was the same old. I wanted something more potent and different,” says Pedro Catalá, formulation expert, Doctor of Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty.

Until now. The cosmetologist whom they call “the master of textures” (and rightly so), found his inspirational ingredient and has subsequently formulated what is possibly the most visionary hand treatment on the market: Great Barrier Relief Cream. And its essential function is to effectively treat dry, dehydrated, cracked and sensitive skin.

However, the skin benefits of this hand care marvel do not end there. It has also been formulated to treat uneven skin pigmentation. Pigmentation issues can arise over time, resulting in so-called age spots, but they can also be due to UV exposure and even pollution.

tratamiento manos hand cream

Therefore, in addition to ultra-nourishing shea butter and panthenol, a natural moisturising agent capable of soothing irritated and stressed skin, Great Barrier Relief Cream contains Niacinamide. This active ingredient à la mode is known to correct hyperpigmentation and replenish dermal hydration levels.

“The modern-day skin concern is no longer fine lines and wrinkles, but the loss of tone. This is why Niacinamide is in such demand. It is a versatile ingredient which produces visible results in a short timeframe,” explains Pedro. But what makes Great Barrier Relief Cream a true game-changer is its pioneering lipid complex.

Enzymatic lipids, innovative technology with superpowers

Vegetable oils are one of the most efficient forms of energy storage. However, to make use of this energy, the oil must undergo an enzymatically-controlled activation process. Here, triglycerides are transformed into smaller molecules that release free fatty acids and glycerides, thus releasing all the energy trapped in the oil.

By submitting a traditional ingredient such as vegetable oil to this enzymatic activation process, a completely new Phyto-complex is created with new properties. The oils chosen for use in this hand cream (olive, almond, linseed and borage) were carefully selected based on their molecular profile. All are extremely rich in essential fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids), which are immensely beneficial for the skin.

Furthermore, this revolutionary Phyto-complex is readily bioavailable and highly skin-compatible. This allows for rapid absorption without leaving any greasy residue. It also ensures skin is deeply nourished, encouraging regeneration at a cellular level. In addition, it increases elasticity, improves hydration and the general appearance of skin. And last but not least, it boosts the natural production of ceramides by balancing out sebum and activates mitochondria function, which generates most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell’s biochemical reactions.

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