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The minimalist approach to skincare

Looking for a minimalist approach to skincare? After an intense debate on which product duos we like the most, here are the Twelve Beauty team’s definitive must-haves and an insight on how we use them.

Ana: Cleansing above all else
After trial and testing many products in my quest for the ultimate cleansing routine, my absolute must-haves are Clementine Cleansing Balm and Dara’s Water. As a first step in a double cleanse, the balm containing non-polar vegetable oils and rich in emollients, hydrates skin while gently melting away compacted dirt inside my pores (read makeup, spf, pollution etc). For the second step, the non-micellar cleansing water removes any remaining residue, leaving my skin soft and calm. My skin feels so hydrated and plump that on some days, I almost forget to continue with the rest of my routine!

Miguel Ángel: Nourish with care
It was love at first sight for me with the first two Twelve Beauty products I tried: Ideal Rebalancing Level Serum and Essential Bio-Technological Moisturiser. As time has gone by I have try many others and I love them all – Especially the mask. However, my heart still belongs to my two first skincare crushes. If you are a fan of a minimalist approach to skincare, the boost of antioxidants, moisturising compounds and key lipids these two products provide are essential to comfort sensitive skin.

Nikos: Refresh and repeat
Long hours in the studio and lack of sleep on many a hot night this summer have taken their toll on my skin. This in turn has only fuelled my already budding obsession with Rapid Eye Treatment. I apply it morning and night without fail to help to keep the skin around the eyes relaxed and refreshed. I pair this wonder product with another powerhouse of the brand, Ultra Revitalising Elixir, to ensure my skin is looking revitalise and hydrated. What’s more, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, my skin is also protected from the effects of the blue light emitted by my computer screen, which I spend far too many hours staring at.

María José: Best foot forward
Every morning before going to work, I go for a brisk walk covering several kilometres. Once back home and before grabbing the first coffee of the day, my morning body care ritual is centred round hitting the shower with Antioxidant Burst Shower Gel – The only shower gel that doesn’t dry out my skin. Closely followed by Reverent Antioxidant Dry Body Oil, whose aroma and invigorating effect on my tired legs have me completely hooked. My day just wouldn’t be the same without this minimalist skincare duo.

Pedro: Bronzed yet protected
Being dark skinned means I tan even at the mere mention of sun. Hence the reason why I’ve never been a fan of sunbathing (read super paranoid!). For me, Artemisia Power Protection Moisturiser SPF50+ is one of my must-haves. Its innovative formula offers high sun protection using mineral-based ingredients and is the result of research spanning years. But it has been worth the wait in my view. As a second and last step, I apply two pumps of Glow Island to give that touch of colour and radiance that I like so much.

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